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Univers SPIRALE N°110 (Winter 2022)


Scalar waves and bioresonance :

Health through frequencies


Alternative medicine researchers have been passionate about scalar waves for several years. These waves, different from electromagnetic waves, are spiral-shaped (like our DNA). They are capable of carrying thousands of kilometers without weakening and are already used experimentally to heal. They could well prefigure the medicine of tomorrow, a non-invasive medicine that respects the human being in his body-soul-spirit trilogy.

Quantum therapy recognizes the fundamental interdependence between body and mind at all stages of life, while considering its spiritual dimension. Only very low energy radiation, imperceptible to the patient, is necessary.

This weak signal acts at the informational level of the cells and interacts, by a chain reaction phenomenon, on the whole organism. We now know that any cell has the ability to transmit, process and regenerate information like a computer.

The first scalar wave "machine" that can be used in therapy - and has been since the dawn of time - is the human being himself; between his two opposing hands, a field of waves is spontaneously exchanged between his right and his left, whose electrical charge is different. If the therapist includes between his open hands a sick person, who by definition loses a lot of energy, he only needs to connect to a source, whether cosmic or spiritual, for the energy (neutrinos, electrons, photons) passes from its source to its patient...

Capturing scalar waves from the environment is fortunately a reality that occupies us all every second of our life and this, since our first breath, in fact even a little before, already in the womb of our mother.

Without the explanations of physicists - like Pr K. Meyl - concerning scalar waves, whose properties are very different from electromagnetic waves, this part of our physiology would have remained ignored and therefore we would have remained without resources to try to amplify it. optionally.

However, as soon as a person falls ill and suffers, besides the biochemical aspects of his disease, it is a question of taking into account also the biophysical aspects, until now completely ignored by all the faculties of Medicine of the world...

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Special Edition No. 27 

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« The conscious, intelligent manipulation of the organized opinions and habits of the masses plays an important role in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this imperceptible social mechanism form an invisible government that truly rules the country. »



The basic operation of mind control is to break down an individual's personality and reshape it.

These methods work through the media and through network harassment tactics wherever the targeted individual goes: workplaces, education system, outings, etc. They pressure a person who has different views and behavior in an effort to get them to walk the ranks.

Mind control based on social engineering and technology is to format individuals from birth by limiting their innate biological abilities. It pursues the conditioning by the drastic reduction of the instruction delivered by its transformation into education, the purpose of which is a form of professional integration.

An uneducated individual thus has only a limited horizon of thought, and the more his thought is limited to mediocre preoccupations, the less he can revolt. This is why access to knowledge must become more and more difficult and elitist, the gap between the people and science must widen, information intended for the general public must be anesthetized of any content of a subversive nature.

To do this, we must use persuasion and not direct violence, through the massive distribution via television and connected screens of entertainment that always flatters the emotional or the instinctive. It consists of occupying the minds with what is futile and playful like incessant music in order to prevent the mind from thinking. Sexuality in its desacralized form is put at the forefront of human interests, because as a social tranquilizer, there is nothing better. He makes sure to banish the seriousness of existence, to deride all that has a high value, to maintain a constant apology for lightness, so that the euphoria of advertising becomes the standard of human happiness. and the model of freedom...

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