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Universe Spiral N° 74

The editorial

body of light


The process of mutation, triggered, according to the Mayan Calendar, on October 28, 2011 with the end of the Nine Underworlds and the beginning of a new cycle of Creation at the end of December 2012, brings about profound changes, at the level of human beings shaken by the quantum leap of consciousness, as at the levels of the Cosmos and the Earth whose telluric and climatic manifestations reflect a purifying reorganization.

In this acceleration of time, the luminous entities act from the subtle planes. Everyone can perceive it by being aware of its connection with the Tao or divine Source and of the Presence to oneself, in resonance with the archetypal energy of the Sphinx of Giza.

Called to take up this unique challenge in history, all men do not experience this “Passage” with the same intensity. According to the Elders of the Native American Tradition, we are “multidimensional entities at levels of development or awakening unique to each one”. There is no blueprint for transmutation, only different soul archetypes and integration programs.

During the harmonic convergence 5225 years ago, only about 7% of the human genetic code was active, our bodies not having yet realized their true potentials. The atrophy of certain endocrine glands had then led to a regression which we observe that it is beginning to reverse. Thereby :

- The pineal gland (epiphysis) and the pituitary gland (hypophysis) will grow gradually to reach the size of a walnut. They are called to fulfill new functions in the glandular system as multidimensional steering organs, endowed with various functions at the level of communication with the other vibratory levels;

- The thymus, which grows in children until puberty then regresses considerably, begins to grow again (a phenomenon already observed in some adults);

- The brain, of which only 10 to 15% was active until now, will be fully reactivated. The electromagnetic and electrochemical conditions gradually change, accompanied by an increase in the volume of the skull. The sense organs in conjunction with the Five Elements will develop ever greater sensitivity until they reach extrasensory perceptions (already activated in some children) such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairodorat, clairgustation...

- The organs of the metabolic and digestive pole will lose a large number of their functions. Like plants (photosynthesis), our body will directly use light as a source of photonic energy. On a purely physiological level, the level of Lightbody development can be measured by the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the cells. Until now, the energy needed for cells to function has only come from an energy creation and storage system that transforms adenosine tri into adenosine diphosphate and vice versa. It was a closed biological system, notably responsible for the aging process. With the growing ability of cells to metabolize light, man will need less and less to absorb coarse foods or foods of animal origin, in favor of a more vegetable or ethereal food. Over time, once the mutation has taken place, it will be able to feed mainly on prana, the photonic energy at the origin of Life.

The passage to the New Era invites us today to transform ourselves into “galactic men and women”, because our DNA contains the latent codings for the mutation of the physical body into a Body of light. By integrating in our physical body this acceleration of "Energy-Light, it is now possible for us to transform our repetitive scenarios into creative impulses and to transmute our past sufferings by the unitary Energy of the Divine. We will then be free to live our Ascension to manifest the human in being, ultimate goal of our evolution on Earth.



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