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Who are we ?


The study and research journal "Univers SPIRALE" was created on January 12, 1996 in Grasse (Alpes Maritimes) by a group of researchers (doctors, therapists and scientists), free from any political, philosophical or religious ideology.


"SPIRALE Universe" is published by AETHER (Cultural non-profit association - Law of July 1, 1901) and is published quarterly, according to the seasons, with a thematic special issue at the end of each year.

Broadcast in French-speaking countries, "Univers SPIRALE" exists thanks to the financial support of its subscribers, members of the association, without calling on any advertising or subsidies, faithful to the line of editorial independence defined by its board of directors. .


As part of the "Dynamics of the Conscious Man", the review reports on work on vibrational systems and applications of quantum physics in all areas of life and health.

Integrating a unitary vision of man in resonance with cosmic laws, "SPIRAL Universe" wishes to share this alchemy of Life, a true Grail Queste opening the human being to the Knowledge of Self and the Universe.

Several aspects, complementary in their purpose, feed this objective:

Foster the bridge between primordial Tradition and advanced Science beyond the five senses;

Favor the tripartite nature of man as mediator of Heaven and Earth;

Accelerate the opening of consciences to the fields of knowledge and to the reality of intelligence coming from elsewhere;

Work for a global ecology in the spirit of the Gubbio Charter and respect for the peoples of the Earth.


Subscriptions and Back issues

2 Chemin des Boudons -Enaux

F-06470 Villeneuve d'Entraunes (France)

Phone : 0033 (0) 493 051 267

Email :


Founding Director

Editor in chief

Marc J. Pantalacci


General secretary

Philippe Onda


Artistic direction

Renata Pantalacci-Weintz


Editorial committee

Anne-Marie Cevaër

Anne-Marie Lapaire

Philippe Onda

Marc J. Pantalacci

Renata Pantalacci-Weintz

"Declaration of the Rights of the Soul"

I Muvrini (Album Invicta)

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