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Universe SPIRAL N°108

"It is incredible to see how the people, as soon as they are subjugated, suddenly fall into such profound forgetfulness of their freedom that it is impossible for them to wake up to regain it: they serve so well, and so willingly, that one would say to see him that he not only lost his freedom but gained his servitude. »

Etienne de LA BOETIE

Resist the ambient hysteria


After Covid, Ukraine…

As the pandemic conditioned the world to shutdowns, normalized acceptance of experimental “vaccines” despite severe side effects, precipitated the greatest transfer of wealth to multinational corporations, and primed minds for a totalitarian transhumanist future, an additional vector was needed to accelerate socio-economic collapse before global governance “builds back better”... The Russian-Ukrainian conflict - against the backdrop of the Atlanticist Deep State's desire to permanently enslave the Russian Federation Russia - may well be the catalyst for the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and the UN's 2030 Agenda, long instigated by an oligarchic caste possessed by occult forces bent on perpetuating the rule of the "matrix" on Earth. -jail”. 


No one can be indifferent to the very special period we are living through. Contrary to the algorithms of the prophets of doom, we have escaped a global “pandemic” which was intended to be deadly. But everything, in this management of the crisis, will have been nothing but lies and false pretences on the part of the “elites” who govern, with contempt, the stupid masses. The programmed destruction of health through experimental mass injections and Western economies with the WEF Young Global Leaders at the helm is underway. The Digital Identity Certificate is the next step to establish transhumanist tyranny, through a World Health Organization totally subservient to the eugenic madness of Bill Gates and pro-vaxx NGOs, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Open Society by George Soros.

After two years of poisoning consciences with anti-Covid propaganda - a virus which, it should be remembered, has caused no more deaths than a seasonal flu - we are now summoned to adhere to the propaganda anti-Putin/pro-Ukraine binary. And once again the mass conditioning worked: overnight, everyone got involved, individuals, associations, institutions, political parties, under the watchful eye of the “vigilance media”._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

“The Empire of Good” has never been so badly named! Yesterday it was in the name of health, today it was hypocritical cheap morality, fueled by everyday misinformation and cognitive dissonance. However, it will have escaped no wise mind that nothing is ever totally binary, in the Ukrainian conflict as in this other “war”, more political than sanitary, which destroyed the lives of millions of people for two years. inept and deleterious constraints.

Exit therefore the pandemic collective psychosis, hello the following collective hysteria, namely the russophobia to which we must all adhere, under penalty of the same rejection and the same social condemnations: banishment of those who do not follow the doxa of the “good Atlanticists” against the ferocious appetites of the “Russian ogre”... There's nothing like appointing a common enemy to bring together bewildered peoples, according to the old method of the “scapegoat”!

The astrological conjunctions show that the Present Time Line is fragile and that it can switch easily towards the shadow or the Light. In this context, our responsibility to position ourselves clearly is decisive! The Coronavirus crisis has made us powerfully aware of the atmosphere of the “end of times” in which we have entered, a tipping point with no return towards a world “where nothing will be as before”.

You believed that the “pandemic” was over and that universal peace would finally reign. Mistake ! The tragedy re-points its nose and even the epidemiological counters start to panic again! Soon the next wave will join that of the war in Ukraine, the extension of which will produce even more social misery. The junction of the two axes of the Great Reset (epidemic + war) is being prepared in the shadow of mass propaganda and the “factory of consent”.

Slowly, however, consciences are waking up, and one wonders how much longer governments will be able to hold this insane course. Maintaining the climate of fear has formatted people's minds to the forced consent of vaccination, or rather to the inoculation of a toxic substance modifying human DNA. The "vaccine" against - we should rather say for - the Covid-19, thus appears as a weapon of bioterrorism that the "puppets" in the pay of the global agenda, intend to deploy on a large scale. It is, with the war in Ukraine, a last attempt to establish a society of surveillance and generalized digital control.  

In this context, it doesn't matter if you are called a "conspirator", a term which, behind a label, now totally overused, is an attack to discredit and dissuade anyone from making links between major political events (wars , attacks, pandemics, electoral fraud...) and the systemic corruption of the main economic sectors between   the hands of individuals programmed by social engineering in the service of plutocratic interests. But the time is near when all those who have committed these “crimes against humanity” will be brought to justice! 



(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°108 - Summer 2022)

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