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Universe Spiral N° 70

The editorial

The Absolute Ring


"We prostituted reason, expression of the Intelligence of the heart, to draw from it rationalism which is utilitarianism, this mentality of the merchants for whom the balance is the tool of work where each thing has its counter-value, its counterweight, motivating equational logic and the learned decimal system”, writes Jacques Breyer inOmega Earth.
But in Life, each moment differs from the previous one, the Genesis of the world continues, and in the round of the spheres, the cycles - the basis of the Mayan calendar of the evolution of Consciousness - nothing is ever found in the same place. Because in the Universe, each thing is united to the All. In his search for God, man must look at his work; it IS the Book that must be learned to read by breaking the “Seven Seals”!
The “evil” is at the origin in the consciousness, when Knowledge becomes knowledge and the Intelligence of the heart falls into the “laboratory of the devil”, this brain imitator of the creative Work. But in man, the divine spark still slumbers, and when a new breath animates it, nothing can resist it.
As Eastern wisdom affirms, the stellar universe influences the Earth because the latter is identical in nature to Heaven, to its harmony, to its substance. And this identification is the Arcanum.
The “microcosmic” man would be a lesser quantity of the “macrocosmic” man if there were a difference. But greatness does not exist for pure quality. An animal is not a “microcosm”: it is an aspect of it, not a part but a passing state.
On the other hand, man is Totality, and therefore he himself is the Cosmos.
“But this totality is virtual in him. It will only be effective when his consciousness is freed from mortal contingencies. The Intelligence of the heart will then be realized, free from any necessary comparison. It is Consciousness in itself realized, without any more reflection, therefore without cut, “the closed ring”, the entire cosmic phenomenon.
The Intelligence of the heart appears as “intuition”, that is to say a knowledge of what the brain has not yet classified as “knowledge”. Intuition is none other than hearing the “Voice of Silence” which speaks in all lived nature with a cosmic sound. The intelligence of the heart is to be able to transcribe this sound. The truest expression is given by the Number. The faculty to enumerate is inscribed in the innate consciousness of Nature. Duality is a relation, it is to count. The plant seeks its support and tends upwards. Every distinction is counted. The animal counts its young...
But there are characteristic limits of the conscious state, of the innate experience in the thing, points out Breyer. The Science of Numbers is not that of figures, nor even that of proportions which makes up ordinary geometry. It will be nice to look for combinations and series, even with the famous Golden Number of the golden section, this will never reveal the mystery of the Numbers. Expression of Life, the Number speaks directly to the Intelligence of the heart. Its true “secret” resides in the becoming of One to Two”.
We are in the cycle of Nature which is the Ring of Becoming and Returning. The Ring is the beginning and the end of each moment, the alpha and the omega. To cut it is to obey what our cerebral intelligence wants, a formidable activator of our “little ego”, that is to say, to separate us from the Source.
Man is a cosmos, the “Cosmos”. There is nothing in the world that is not totally in it, virtual or manifested. The eternal form of the human being is the eternal Ring which manifests the cut by birth and death. But this cut which creates the re-action only affects the aspect
physical. For the Ring subsists beyond time and space.

He IS the link that unites Heaven and Earth through man. Our sliding into this ring, the Genesis of Becoming and the Genesis of Return, gives us the illusion of movement and grants greatness through time. Nothing is more fixed than the Void, nothing is more stable than the Cycle of Becoming and Returning, the absolute Ring. As in the Great Work, it requires purifying, burning the destructible of the parts to unify what was dualized. Only man has within him this GIFT which allows him to free himself from all the emotional reactions based on selfishness, the first cerebral awareness of himself, and to reach this
“aristocratic” freedom through unification with the All, Love without cause, without goal, without reward. It is a second birth into the world, a second Fiat Lux, that of the baptism of the Spirit, Pentecost which opens the Intelligence of the heart to everyone.


(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°70 – WINTER 2012)

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