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Universe Spiral N° 71

The editorial

From the vibratory field... to the mystical song


We are currently engaged in a race against time. A large part of humanity remains dominated by the law of the ego and lends itself to all madness in the name of religion, profit, power, or to maintain the selfish way of life, even if this must lead to destruction of the planet! Fortunately, on the other hand, other beings seek, with sincerity, solutions to the human, social, economic and political problems of our planet, by embodying a superior consciousness of what Life is.

As more and more people integrate this consciousness, we will raise our vibratory rate and we will approach critical mass, the threshold at which psychic energy becomes a creative force.

“The world has an energy field which, in reality, is a mystical song (of universal coherence) at the base of all physical realities, writes Gregg Braden. When we change the electromagnetic field of an atom, we are literally changing that atom, that is, the matter of which our bodies are made. However, the heart is designed to act both on the electric and magnetic fields of our body and on those of the world around us. And it is the emotions created in the brain and in the heart that are responsible for the changes that take place in the fields.

So when we experience feelings about what we choose to experience, such as having a harmonious relationship or obtaining our own healing, these emotions shape the electromagnetic fields of our heart and literally change the elements of this quantum essence, allowing the pattern we have created in our hearts to manifest in the physical world.

But how many individuals are needed to create a certain type of emotion in their hearts to the point of having repercussions in the world?

In the first studies done on Transcendental Meditation, it was clearly proven that there is an interdependence between human consciousness and the surrounding world. This is what has been called the “super-radiance phenomenon” which was experienced, for the first time, during a study carried out during the Israeli-Lebanese conflict in the early eighties. This study consisted of bringing together, in the regions of the Middle East devastated by war, people trained in the technique of transcendental meditation developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and well trained to develop in them a sense of peace.

During periods when they all experienced a sense of peace together, the level of violence in the area around them decreased significantly. Crimes, murders and accidents decreased, while terrorist activities ceased. And when they stopped focusing their attention on harmony, all these activities resumed. The results were so obvious that the researchers were able to determine the exact percentage of population needed to create the “Maharishi Effect”. A new formula then stated that if we manage to create a certain effect with a certain number of individuals, it suffices to reach the square root of 1 % of this population to produce the desired effect on the entire population, i.e. 800,000 out of the 7 billion people in the world's current population. A way to validate the “Phenomenon of the 100th Monkey” which will be corroborated by Rupert Sheldrake's theory on morphic fields concerning the effect around us, of the changes that we introduce into our lives.

All traditions agree that we are “ONE”, connected with each other, but also that we are inseparable from the world, that we are an integral part of the Earth and its changes. The Mayans, “Keepers of Time”, had planned that we would go beyond our current technologies and that we would return to natural cycles based on Universal Harmony, in particular by calling on Free Energy whose applications Tesla had imagined. , more than a century ago...

We must be in our own life that which we want to see manifested in the world. And science now provides us with good reason to understand why this is so. By focusing on our own spiritual awakening, we are helping all of humanity approach the threshold of critical mass. To reach this threshold amounts to awakening all the inhabitants of this planet. To reach it, we simply have to let go of our quarrels and choose to consciously evolve in co-creation, towards a world of love and peace. It only takes a small percentage of people to feel concerned for "The Shift of the Age" to occur: things will change irreversibly and humanity, as a whole, will shift into a new paradigm, according to the immutable law. cycles.


(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°71 – SPRING 2013)

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