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Universe SPIRAL N°102


"  Whenever you find yourself thinking like the majority of people, pause, and think..."

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It   must understand that the Covid-19 crisis is not health but political,and that none of the draconian measures is scientifically based. On the other hand, it highlights the appalling corruption of politicians and their media and scientific factotums, and, more particularly, their allegiances towards the powers of money and their totalitarian project.


The objective is to make the comedy of this “political virus” last as long as possible, until the moment when the mentors of the planetary psy-pandemic will estimate that “the” vaccine-savior and the Great Reset towards a society of “ Brave New World”, are ready. Then, and then only, will the virus have the right to disappear, “spontaneously”...

By submissively submitting to the wearing of masks and PCR tests, the population unknowingly maintains the governments' propaganda of terror as well as the state of hypnotic trance induced by the authoritarian measures linked to this artificially maintained health crisis. The anxiety-provoking speeches of the mass media are more than ever refrains of absurdity:   the contaminations noted daily by the explosion of tests in no way reflect the health reality and are on the contrary the demonstration of herd immunity within the population. 

With the exception of Sweden, the leaders of our “democracies” are pursuing, without qualms, the “road map” of the global “Plan” of the Deep State (The Deep State), with the extension of the measures of exception,   the establishment of a curfew - totally illegal -   and the reconfinement of millions of people, precipitating the collapse, for a long time, of sections entire economy.

The reconfinement, in the boxes since the summer, aims at nothing less than to create a state of exhaustion in the population. The consequences of this phase are major at the psychosocial level (anxiety, depression, suicides...) with the destruction of millions of jobs and the explosion of misery. But wouldn't this be the desired goal of corrupt leaders - which the majority still refuses to see - leading people to accept anything (vaccines, restriction of freedoms) to regain a semblance of normal life?

The “management phases” of the pandemic are the stages of carrying out the “Great Reset” which will be announced at the end of January 2021, during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, the uninhibited “showcase” _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the New World Order. According to the documents available on the site, the strategies aim to provide all citizens with a digital identity, singularly presented as a response to the "control" of the Covid epidemic and the destruction of the local economy for the benefit of multinationals, digital and e-commerce tycoons. 

Democracy is flying away like an old utopia, to the benefit of technological fascination. While the   headlines in the media continue to panic the population, high-tech is sneaking into our daily lives with applications that are liberticidal (tracking by smartphones) and destructive of the human race (new vaccines modifying the 'DNA, microwave 5G..). 

The reality that takes shape in the sick minds that have taken the world hostage is the establishment, gently, of a transhumanist totalitarian society. The violent methods of dictatorships are now outdated. It is a question of creating a collective conditioning, sufficiently powerful, to eradicate the very idea of revolt. An uneducated individual has only a limited horizon of thought, and the more his thought is limited to mediocre and insignificant concerns, the less he will revolt. And to ensure that general public information is cleaned of all “subversive” content... 

And above all, no philosophy! There again, it is necessary to use persuasion: we will broadcast massively, via the mass media, games and entertainment flattering the emotional or the instinctive. As George Orwell wrote (“1984”), minds will be occupied with what is futile and playful, human and spiritual values will be mocked. Conditioning will thus produce such integration on its own, that the only fear – which will have to be maintained – will be that of being excluded from the “system”, and therefore of no longer being able to access the conditions of “happiness” (material) .  

In this worst-case scenario, the atmosphere could soon be heavy and morale darken. Popular discontent with the massive destruction of jobs will increase and the movements of dissidence/resistance are likely to multiply up to insurrectionary phases. Managers of the health emergency crisis will then take advantage of civil unrest to impose extreme coercive measures on the entire population. 

In this perspective, the choice of non-violent “civil disobedience” is essential in order to avoid falling into the “trap” of provocation/repression. Making the Light triumph means accepting duality but refusing “war”, and this imposed choice between submission (confinement, chipping, etc.) and prison-enslavement. In this passage from a “dark age”, it is essential to take care of the “inside” and to meditate on the Beautiful, the Good and the True, listening to music that uplifts the soul, reading books that awaken the intelligence and the heart, drawing on the wonders of Nature to project a future of peace, respectful of people and the planet.


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°102 - Winter 2020)

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