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Spiral Universe N° 77

The editorial

Multidimensional DNA

DNA is not just about two biochemical helices - or even three, as British scientists have just discovered in a child (read our file “DNA in full mutation”) - but corresponds to a much more complex invisible organization, which preserves the memories of all our life experiences.

However, many questions remain unanswered concerning the so-called “inactive” DNA – the constitutive heterochromatin – which is 98.5% of our DNA! In reality, it is not physical DNA but multidimensional vibrational frequency DNA existing in etheric form. This form of DNA represents our potential in unified consciousness with twelve strands. Today, the DNA of living beings on Earth is profoundly altered on an etheric level. Thus, the ascension that we experience only gradually reconstitutes our original DNA. This reconstitution is the fruit of a constant activation maintained by the current energies but it can only be done in proportion to the evolution of consciousness of each one and the assimilation of its various learnings.

As we have often written in these columns, DNA is the vibrational support of consciousness. In 4D, it is structured in another form, connected to sacred geometry by relying on two triangulations associated with each other under the effect of higher vibrational frequencies. This geometry is the keystone of our 4D consciousness, thus preparing for the future unification of being. There is therefore a correlation between DNA and all the indicators that measure the evolution of consciousness. DNA activation is a natural phenomenon that occurs throughout individual evolution with variable speed. This activation is sacred and corresponds to the necessary conditions of evolution under the effect of the increase in vibrational frequencies. The opening of consciousness acts favorably for the activation of all, up to the potential and the choice of soul of each being. Without forcing awakening, there are accompanying tools to activate the DNA. But these tools can in no way precede the work on oneself and in particular that of the emotional body. They remain secondary for the ascent. They act all the more as one undertakes a spiritual quest and work on oneself with an indispensable third party as a mirror of one's soul.

The main thing is in the essence and not in the tools. The result of these methods is equal to the spiritual work undertaken. The work on DNA is inseparable from a deep spiritual quest, by associating it with psychological work on one's wounds of being. This means that most of the advancement is in the work on oneself and that the work on the DNA remains secondary, in the same way as all the energy tools whatever they are. Indeed, in no case can an energy protocol on DNA force the ascension. The belief of being able to ascend with simple energy tools is however still widespread. Wanting to activate your DNA “at all costs” can quickly become a source of illusion. However, apart from a flight to the astral and maya, the physical risks remain a priori absent, unlike other methods which want to force awakening (kundalini, ayahuasca, iboga and other psychotropic drugs of plant or fungal origin ). The major risk is to delay one's own ascent due to excessive mentalization or to want to use methods that force awakening in the belief that it is accelerating one's evolution.

The DNA therefore follows the evolution of consciousness, reflecting the work of each. Its activation does not precede indicators such as the opening of the heart or the dissolution of the ego. Its activation obeys the integration of high frequencies and the release of low frequencies. The evolution of consciousness, the goal sought for the ascension, is a holistic transformation where DNA represents one of the elements. It is therefore essential to make the link between DNA and evolutionary factors of the being.


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