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Chronicle No. 3

Let's take charge of our health

Our Ministry of Health is now spending fabulous sums to care for the people, but we are getting sicker and sicker, and in our country morbidity has doubled since 1970. In addition, the decline in the health of our children is obvious: Ritalin, Prozac, antidepressants and inhalers are commonplace in our schools.

If chemical medicine were so effective, there would be fewer and fewer patients when there are more and more.

Some of us hoped that the public authorities would one day seek to treat differently – since the current method is obviously not the right one – and also to make serious savings. This is not the case, quite the contrary. We encourage more and more "health consumers" to multiply examinations and vaccinations, and the pressure is growing against doctors and therapists who treat and heal differently.

Alternative medicines are thus discarded and their studies discredited by the guardians of the allopathic dogma who hold all the key positions in the medical community and are content to treat the manifestations and not the causes, like a mechanic who removes the flashing light signaling a failure in a system. , without repairing what caused the turn signal to come on.

The only way to get out of it without too much damage is therefore to leave the ship before it sinks and try to treat ourselves differently, off the beaten track and, above all, with discernment. We must refuse the daily brainwashing inflicted by the media, only see a doctor when it is really necessary, ignore the fear distilled by the laboratories for which the patient is only a generous consumer of products, and stop doing confidence in the "experts", who have recently shown us their immense incompetence.

It is up to us to ensure that we do not fall ill through living as healthy as possible and preventive treatments using multiple so-called "gentle" but very effective techniques. We must also have a firm attitude towards our doctor and dare to discuss with him the best way to treat us. Often he is unaware of them himself, but he will never dare to admit it to you. And if he refuses the dialogue, do not hesitate to change the interlocutor.

The doctor has taken the Hippocratic oath, and when the interest of the patient requires it, he has not only the right but the duty to deviate from the rules imposed by custom for the treatment of the disease.

In summary, it is up to us to take charge of our health by listening to our inner self, because we know better than anyone what should be right for us.

Sylvie SIMON

(All rights reserved ©  WINTER 2006)

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