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Universe SPIRAL N°105


“The end of a stage of evolution is usually marked by a powerful upsurge of all that is to come out of evolution. »

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A step in consciousness 

We now know that the Covid-19 “pandemic”is a crisis designed to cause a global collapse and foster this “Great Reset” towards a totalitarian AI transhumanist society, via a digital identity platform of biometric surveillance of individuals. This bio-fascism, pushed by the caste of Big Tech oligarchs, is a “war against everyone” and against the values on which humanity is founded. 


With the vaccination frenzy accelerated by the “Nazitarian pass”, the propaganda of the coronacircus continues to stir up fears and the phenomenon of apartheid between “unvaccinated” and “vaccinated”, while numerous studies show the increased contagiousness of the latter , victims of catastrophic “undesirable” effects, concealed by health authorities who should have urgently stopped this deadly experiment, if it really came under medicine...

On September 1, 2021, the United States Supreme Court ruled that "the Covid pathogen is not a vaccine, is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs", accordingly voiding the vaccination universal. The Supreme Court has also confirmed that the genome of Covid inoculated people is now patented by artificial modification of DNA and is therefore no longer their property! The same principle imposed by manufacturers on genetically modified seeds, preventing farmers from producing their own seeds. Further proof that "vaccines" are not vaccines but "gene substances" that modify DNA. 

These products, in the experimental phase until 2023/2024, contain a toxic artificial protein, Spike, which will prevent the natural immune system from defending itself against diseases, transforming the body into a "factory" to produce the virus at home. infinite.. It has also been scientifically proven that this poison contains graphene oxide nanoparticles in large quantities - up to 100% for Pfizer and Moderna - which amplifies the action of the Spike. In addition to gradually destroying organs with repeated injections, this product was designed to control people from a distance. Graphene is, in fact, known to be a super-conductor that will resonate with the metals of the body but also with the millimeter waves of 5G... 

For Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez, “the Spike protein is nothing more than graphene injected into your body! Graphene causes inflammation in the body with a storm of cytokines, thrombosis and it affects the lungs. The pandemic needs to be addressed from an engineering perspective and not just from a health perspective. We know that 5G, in its frequency band, can stimulate graphene which can also generate inflammation. Those who were vaccinated with influenza vaccines during the 2019-2020 season also showed a magnetism effect which was also observed in children (vaccination schedule).

Still, millions of people today are   carriers of the toxic substances contained in these fake vaccines. If it goes wrong, we will blame the "variants", but also the non-vaccinated, these new "scapegoats", by diverting attention to the real causes: ineffective and toxic "vaccines", masks useless (containing graphene), PCR tests (swabs filled with graphene) unsuitable for detecting a virus still not isolated… not to mention the astronomical profits made by Big Pharma thanks to this “epidemic of fear”!

The whole paradox of this mass vaccination is that people don't get inoculated to take care of their health but to get back to “life before” (going out, travelling, consuming without limits, etc.). But they will quickly become disillusioned! The contagiousness of the "vaccinated" is not less, the constraints imposed by the health dictatorship have not disappeared. 

Many, annoyed at having given in to the vaccine blackmail, have joined the ranks of the defenders of freedoms, aware of not falling into the trap of violence, set by the occult forces and their minions of this world. Their reality is not ours. Let us not be impressed by this huge “psy'ops” operation to establish a global tyranny of human enslavement.

It is time to get out of the negative vibrational planes on which the current diabolical scenario is based. There is no general watchword, everyone must follow their own path, in all   freedom, guided by their heart. It is a question of crossing an important level in the consciousness for all those who are able to welcome their full sovereignty. Because the emotional and spiritual traps are the last links in a chain that only exists because we consent to them. Whatever the temptations to stick back to the "matrix" in this raging battle, it is essential to engage clearly, aware of our connection to the Source and with our essential Being. 


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°105 - Autumn 2021)

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