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Universe Spiral N° 76

The editorial

The Song of Eternity

It is absolutely necessary and urgent to bring about a radical revolution in the human spirit, a real mutation of the entire psychological structure of man. That is to say to decondition the totality of consciousness”, declared in 1964, Joddu Krishnamurti during an interview with Carlos Suarès. This total deconditioning of the conscience does not need any time and cannot be produced, neither by the intervention of the will, nor by that of time. If it was the result of an evolutionary process, I wouldn't call it mutation. A mutation is immediate. Psychological mutation is not what you think...” (*)

- I can't imagine a “mutant”, that is to say a man changing his state of consciousness, who would not take with him the result of all the past, retorted Carlos Suarès. Man modifies the environment and the environment modifies it”...

But for Krishnamurti, “man modifies the environment and the environment modifies such part of man which is connected to the modification of the environment, not the whole man, in his extreme depth. No external pressure can do this: it only changes superficial parts of consciousness. Nor can any psychological analysis cause the mutation because all analysis is situated in the field of duration. And no experience can bring it about, however exalted and “spiritual” it may be. On the contrary, the more it appears as a revelation, the more it conditions.

In the first two cases - psychological modification produced by analysis or introspection, and modification produced by an external pressure - the individual does not undergo any profound transformation: he is only modified, shaped, readjusted, so as to be adapted to the social. In the third case - modification brought about by a so-called spiritual experience - the individual is projected into the escape dictated by the authority of some symbol. In all cases, there is action of a constraining force based on a social morality, that is to say a state of contradiction and conflict. Every society is contradictory in itself. Every society requires efforts on the part of those who constitute it. But contradiction, conflict, effort, competition are barriers that prevent any change, because change means freedom.

It will have escaped no one that humanity is currently experiencing a mutation on the vibrational level, amplifying the action on earth of the forces of Light like those which are opposed to them (yin/yang duality). And this in perfect coherence with the Cosmic Plan of Unity Consciousness (Mayan Tradition). In this cycle of Time inherent in this energy movement, the values reputed to be the surest of man inevitably collapse to be restructured by way of consciousness. Some human beings who have become receptive to vibrational energies to which they did not previously have access, gradually lose their old receivers, sensitive to other qualities of vibrational energies, leading everyone to fundamentally modify their reference frames.

To realize this transformation which affects all the kingdoms of Creation - mineral, vegetable, animal, human - and impacts all levels of reality of the human being (physical, psychic, spiritual), it is important to be aware of this evolution on a cosmic plane. The reception and transmission of these new vibratory influxes, to which human beings will be more and more sensitive, will lead to the emission of vibratory signals which will lead to the emergence of new laws of vibratory resonance, between the endogenous source constituted by the living beings themselves and the exogenous sources of Heaven and Earth with which it is in harmony and coherence.

Etienne Guillé compared these new force fields to “melodies” which will participate in modifying the vibratory and material landscape to which we are “used” or conditioned on planet Earth. We can deduce that the “Song of Eternity” has become audible to attentive ears.


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