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Chronicle No. 5

A safer... happier world

Some of our brilliant scientific minds are desperate to improve our quality of life, and many gullible minds are already celebrating progress. Sure, our lives are more comfortable than they've ever been, but maybe it's time to stop some 'progress' and turn back the clock before it's too late.
The imperfect man, created by nature, is going to be 'enhanced', for his greatest benefit, by our sorcerer's apprentices who hope to transform this mutant into a 'bionic man' or 'cyborg'. The first prostheses were physical and often useful, but now they are becoming extensions of the brain. Digital prostheses will put new tools in the hands of man, and in some time, the computer will be equipped with a thought recognition system by a simple electronic chip. “The man of the future evolves by exteriorizing functions in the form of interconnecting prostheses,” Joeuml;l de Rosnay once said. We would have preferred his evolution to be more personal and spiritual. This man that we are promised for tomorrow, sterilized, transplanted, made up of spare parts, transformed thanks to electronic chips that will allow him to integrate artificial intelligence, will he remain a human being for a long time, with his own thoughts, his own choices?
All of this makes us miss “the good old days”, the time when we ate healthy and tasty food, when the children were never bored, were very rarely sick, were careful and non-violent. , and would have burst out laughing at the mere thought of going to see an educational psychologist. The time when children were not used as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry, such as the 49 babies who have died in India since 2006 during clinical drug trials, not counting those who have suffered a similar fate in other places on the planet, including including in countries that claim to be civilized.
A time when adults didn't need to go to a psychiatrist any more, weren't depressed, knew their doctor who knew them even better, and talked to them, instead of conversing with their computers, about illnesses and not the sick.
It is this time of the joy of living that we have exchanged against generalized stress, frightening anguish, the loss of our values, perhaps of our soul.
Many of us are taken in by this 'progress', this 'improvement' of our daily lives and practice ostrich politics about the future of man, unaware of the terrible dangers humanity all the traffic practiced by a scientific intelligentsia which navigates between economic interests and the apprenticeship of witchcraft. In case of misfortune, provided with general absolution, eminent professors will explain to us with tremolos in their voices that the incriminated decisions were justified by the "current data of science", especially since at present, at the notion of “responsible but not guilty” was added that of “guilty but not condemnable”.
Those who “think” for us must know what they are doing, we tend to believe. This is our biggest mistake. Those who claim to 'think' and those who lead us - who do not think long-term either - live in a vacuum, far from simple pleasures and 'real life'. It is this life that we should rediscover, at the risk of losing our personality and even our soul.

Sylvie SIMON



(All rights reserved ©  FALL 2008)



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