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Universe Spiral N° 85


The editorial

Look the sky in the face

I believe that we have arrived at a crucial moment: that of being able to transcend our way of doing things to move towards a new way of acting, in order to survive the changes that are occurring in our solar system and to pass to the next level of interaction. And maybe even connect with other civilizations that have been in our Galaxy, that have watched us, that have waited for us to level up to enter a large galactic community…and move from there. ..”


For those who still doubt that we are not “alone in the Universe”, the words of physicist Nassim Haramein throw a dense light on what awaits humanity in the phase of transition towards a new cycle of evolution. This is a frequency of change in celestial energies that far surpasses anything known to date. During this period, chronos time will end, since this time is an experience that is mainly transmitted by the left hemisphere of the brain. In reality, the experience of this time exists only in a world dominated by the imbalance of duality. As balance is created between the two hemispheres, we can expect to experience being in the moment, that eternal present that the ancients called kairos time. This paradox is not easily resolved when the mind is still dominated by the dualities generated by the lower Infraworlds represented in the nine levels of the Mayan pyramid of the Great Jaguar at Tikal, Guatemala. The ego, which was put in place to serve the dualistic mind and maintain an appearance of continuity, simply cannot survive the high frequency of the universal Underworld. Because the ego is not compatible with the unitary Field of light which will then reign over the world. In a dualistic consciousness framework, the ego was an important tool of survival; in a framework of unitary consciousness, it will endanger the survival of the individual. Acting and thinking from a dualistic mind will become impossible in an Underworld marked by Unity and Illumination.


Humanity is at a crossroads, at its breaking point. Either we continue the wars and the senseless race for profit destroying the Earth and its inhabitants, or we reach a state of spiritual maturity, participating in the rebirth of the new cycle where nothing is separate, where everything is interconnected according to the Principle divine unity. Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have adopted non-violence as a natural principle of evolution. Their high level of consciousness is incompatible with antagonism and conflict. If this were not the case, the prodigious technological means at their disposal would have long since led them to destroy each other. We are on a planet of free will. We must use it in the sense of positive transformation. This is the lesson we must learn. For this, we must unite our efforts, not to change the world but to change within ourselves. Our education systems and our society have trained us to “conform” to the completely insane model that has developed around us. Fighting it head-on only serves to strengthen it. Let's simply know how to recognize it for what it is, detach ourselves from it and accompany the blossoming of the radiant future that awaits us.


"The Earth and humanity must flourish, and it will not only be our spring, but that of the Cosmos", stresses Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, according to which UFOs and extraterrestrials exist in other dimensions. To make believe the contrary by the enslaved media, only justifies the project of “Star Wars” and to maintain the numerous conflicts on our planet for the benefit of the “masters of the shadows” who, in a last gasp, are ready for anything. to prevent the Ascension of humanity - including making terror-generating monsters. But this is without counting on the operativity of the “Lightworkers” who, guided by our Brothers of the Stars, work for the advent of an era of Consciousness and Peace, which will see the emergence of new technologies, antigravity and free energy (plasma).



(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°85 – AUTUMN 2016)

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