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Universe SPIRAL N°101

A comprehensive alienation strategy

“The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid

  of Light. » 

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The epidemic alert, in March, led the authorities of many countries to chain inconsistencies, manipulations and lies. The strength of the images (overwhelmed hospitals, intubations, lined up coffins...) and the fear felt at the time, "embedded" in the collective perception, a dystopian representation that prevailed over reality. Several months later, with the epidemic's "bell curve" at zero, deaths and hospitalizations at an all-time low, thus belying a "second wave", the same type of hallucinated responses continue to be imposed, without any health or scientific justification.  

Highly "recommended" tests - but of questionable reliability - are now carried out en masse, even though they have become irrelevant - the epidemic has ended since mid-May - except to reactivate the destructuring fear by returning to the daily litany of counting “positive” cases - but not sick - as were the deaths during the acute phase of spring!

And the mask - with mesh sizes much larger than that of the virus - suddenly becomes the essential and mandatory "shield", including in the street, hampering the vital freedom to breathe. The establishment of discriminating "red zones" across the country, allows police repression to fall on the recalcitrant in a climate of mistrust and denunciation of sinister memory...

A practice, based on the denunciation and pillorying of “conspiracy theorists” - these new heretics doomed to the stake - has taken hold of the minds of the “Covids”, this new breed of brainwashed citizens, who have become totally blind to planned stripping. of their fundamental rights, replaced by an inquisitive and falsely paternalistic state. The imposition of wearing a mask, the race for a vaccine for a virus that has mutated many times - and is now benign - the state of terror in which the population is plunged, permanently misinformed about the reality of the health situation, show that the world has fallen into a collective delirium and pure madness.

The "brainwashing" is such that information, however proven, no longer crosses the barrier of simple logic. In this context of cognitive dissonance, the popular reaction took on a quasi-sectarian turn. Both signs of rallying to the new “Corona sect” and visual symbols of Covid-19, the masks have taken on a talismanic character, largely eclipsing their usefulness in the face of a virus “which is still there”... as other microorganisms. It is the essence of the living! 

The decisions taken are so absurd and incoherent that they force you to question yourself. For many observers, there is necessarily an "eel under the rock", in other words a "plot" - unacknowledgeable and unimaginable - against the people, hatched by sponsors now displaying their criminal designs in broad daylight with the complicity of governments. Unable to see the real enemy who threatens their life, and convinced by official propaganda that “salvation requires a vaccine”,   the population submits to the diktat of “scientific advice” and other pseudo- experts subservient to Big Pharma, and slavishly obeying the suicidal directives of a handful of psychopathic billionaires, according to a liberticidal agenda which has programmed the destruction of the social economy and the values on which our humanity is based._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

What is sought is the unreserved support of as many people as possible. By displaying their submission to the paradoxical injunctions of the authorities, populations give meaning to nonsense, outside the rules imposed by the rule of law. Strict obedience gives substance to excess, to absurd and dangerous commandments, calling for the renunciation of our fundamental freedoms. These “rituals” increasingly detach themselves from any justification, be it legal, scientific or medical. Individuals must accept “a-social” distancing and the obligation to wear the “muzzle”, as acts of pure submission. It is no longer a question of remaining passive in the face of a discourse outside the real, but of actively participating in one's own nihilation, the effacement of the face inducing a passage from the person to the non-person (nobody), a renunciation of one's humanity. 

The Covid-19 crisis is part of the fabrication of the consent of human beings to their own destruction. In this “war of all against all”, the finality is the acceptance of a vaccine which we know will be genetically modified and will contain nanoparticles of digital identification. A vaccine cannot, by nature, overcome a mutant virus, its function exceeds the pharaminous benefits that Big pharma could derive from it. In reality, the objective of this disastrous plan is the establishment of transhumanism, the control of existences by the possibility of modeling, through nanos and biotechnologies (AI genetic profiling, robots), our body and our psyche, in order to serve the interests and fantasies of the new “Masters of the World”. 

The coronavirus will thus have served as a pretext for a global strategy of alienation, economic, political, but also anthropological, the “masked” man and woman now having to be in tune with this “new man”, relegated to the rank of merchandise, neither man nor woman, half-man, half-machine, following the laws of bioethics and “self-directed” human evolution. 



(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°101 - Spring 2020)

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