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Chronicle No. 7

Economic absurdity

Until now, homeopathic medicines were reimbursed at 65%, which represents a drop in the bucket in the colossal and constantly growing deficit of Social Security, which currently stands at 11 billion. The figure forecast for next year is 14 billion. To stem this haemorrhage, our Minister of Health has taken "rigorous measures", among other things, the reduction of the reimbursement rate for all homeopathic medicines, which represents approximately 0.8% of this deficit.

It is certain that he thus casts discredit on homeopathy - one of the rare sectors of French medicine and pharmacy to be at the forefront in the world - which will lead a certain number of patients to move towards a "more effective medicine" according to the public authorities, but whose prices are four to five times more expensive, which will give a result opposite to that announced.

The 40% of French people who are treated with homeopathy therefore cost much less for Social Security, especially since these drugs do not generate side effects - while iatrogenic diseases are constantly expanding -, and patients are faithful to their doctor and do not increase visits or treatments, quite the contrary. Moreover, homeopathy empowers patients, thus calling into question the deadly gears of the consumer society.

According to calculations, if 10% of patients turn away from homeopathy, the reduction in the deficit will be zero. On the other hand, if 50% abandon it, which could happen given the fixation of the citizens on reimbursement - it is better to be reimbursed and remain sick than to pay out of pocket and be cured - the deficit of the medicine branch will be increased of 220 million euros. Thus, contrary to what he advocates, under the guise of the economy, this decision by the Minister favors the pharmaceutical industry and is based on a perfect commercial logic aimed at eradicating homeopathy.

First of all, Jean François Matteï does not "believe in homeopathy", probably because there are hardly any molecules left after dilution and these remedies can only act through the "placebo effect". Has he never heard of quantum physics and the electromagnetic effect of certain substances? Homeopathy has a physical and not a chemical action on the cells, which explains its effect, which is all the stronger as the active principles decrease. According to recent studies, homeopathic dilutions would emit characteristic beta radiation and this light signal would have a frequency that would allow it to act on DNA. Thus, it would not be the chemical molecule that would produce an effect, but the light signal that it sends to the diseased cells.

But this is not the first time that we have tried to deal a fatal blow to homeopathy. A few years ago, at a time when the terror of prions reigned, the Ministry of Health banned 173 homeopathic remedies in dilutions of less than 4 CH on the pretext that, being of animal origin, these substances risked contaminating consumers by viruses. This might seem logical if he had not persisted in imposing vaccines composed of the same substances of animal origin in undiluted doses and directly injected into the body, brutally crossing all the barriers put in place by nature to protect the individual.

Let's hope that patients will not be impressed by these measures and would rather not be reimbursed than fall ill, poisoned by chemicals. This decision must be seen as a call to take responsibility and not to delegate our health to financial lobbies more interested in the disease than in the health of citizens.


Sylvie SIMON



(All rights reserved ©  WINTER 2003)



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