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Universe Spiral N° 81

The editorial

To get the job done

The Ancient Peoples of Earth are calling on all of us, on a planetary level, to rise up, out of the torpor of the material world and the destructive patterns of the past. Faced with the so-called catastrophes announced, it is appropriate to put the changes of the New Times in perspective in their positive aspects. All this pseudo-information, amalgams of so-called prophecies and other compilations - true or false beliefs - circulating on the web, only serve to distill and amplify the fear - conscious or unconscious - of which Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, Elder of the Great Maya Council, said that she will be "solely responsible for the chaos created by men themselves, if there is no awareness of the need to access the Divine Plan".

The Trumpets of the Apocalypse - which, let us remember, means "Revelation" - do not announce a "descent into hell", but rather an exhortation to awaken to the New Jerusalem, land of Love and Wisdom in the 'here and now. It is everyone's responsibility not to be complicit in the spread of disaster rumors in direct contact with the frequencies of the “Beast”. Wanting to destroy or dominate the power of the Fourth World with one's own weapons, only strengthens it, as everyone can see in the spotlight. According to the principles of the Law of attraction and resonance, we feed precisely what we want to denounce, on the pretext of combating the errors and deviations of the materialistic world. So let's be careful not to allow ourselves to be intoxicated, manipulated by the thurifers of the old world, in the name of “good intentions”! Certainly, the energies of the dark side of the force, redouble their power to maintain their power of enslavement of men and exploitation of the planet, giving rise to new conflicts every day, and pushing to the confrontation "of all against all" ... However the system, where the koilon - the mass obstructing the Light - is on the verge of implosion, an agony that cannot be masked by the attacks aimed at destroying those who work precisely with the Light, at the raising global consciousness.

We live in a period of transition, a moment in between, marked by instability and the need to modify our field of consciousness. It is no longer time to have fun, to “wear out our souls” says the “Language of the Birds”. The spiritual goal of our time is action. Because nothing is decided yet. The Mountain Elder says there is still hope, if those working for the Light can come together and unite. Let's not forget that we are incarnated in a world of polarity — day and night, male and female, positive and negative... Light and darkness need each other to balance each other. Unity is the result, physically, psychically and spiritually. In the etheric environment, there can be fusion of the polarities to reach the plan of the Light of Origin, light directly resulting from the Creator. This light is not to be confused with the “optician's light”, this “liberated” light which always comes out of a material, because it is the result of the transformation of a pre-existing energy. But darkness can only be transformed when confronted with the Opening of the Heart. This is what leads to the advent of the “Fifth Sun” of the Amerindian tradition, marked by the rise in power of the spiritual and celestial energy contained in the Fifth Element: AETHER. “And if instead of contemplating the shadow, as Henri Coton-Alvart suggests (*), we tried to perceive the light that the shadow intercepts, it would undoubtedly be a reversal of our ordinary notions”! In these troubled times, the Cosmos offers us the opportunity to grow. Also, let us take action to balance the contrary forces, and purify ourselves of the dross of the past in order to be able to access, in the freedom of being, at the vibratory level of this new cycle of Time.


(*) “The Two Lights” by Henri Coton-Alvart (Dervy)

(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°81 – AUTUMN 2015)

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