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Universe SPIRAL N°104

“True information is Light! »


The “false light” hologram 

It is not self-evident for beings “on the way”- “starseeds”, “craftsmen” or “warriors of the Light”  - to integrate the notion of false light which has imprisoned humanity for more than 26,000 years, after the “quarantine” of the Earth by the Archons, these “fallen angels” so named by the Gnostics. 


The "matrix" of the forces of darkness, to echo a distant memory, made a counterfeit of the "Hierarchy of light", in order to make the "Lightworkers" fall into the power of illusion.   This is how the “connection” that we have - or have had - with “beings of Light”, is in many cases a connection to “false light”, simulated by entities working for Yaldabaoth, the corrupt demiurge. With the consequence that many Lightworkers, despite the intentions that drive them, are today in an evolutionary impasse. These cannot, in fact, participate, in a truly operative way, in the “critical mass of 144,000” (*) necessary for the occurrence of “The Event”, this flash of Light from the Great Galactic Central Sun, in order to work towards the removal of the archon “plasma veil” which prevents the tachyonic energy of pure light, from reaching the surface of the Earth and establishing “contact” with our galactic Brothers, in particular the Pleiadians and certain Arcturians and positive sirians. 

Our planet has thus been struck, for a very long time, by a “spell” which makes us doubt our inalienable link with the Infinite Source of all creation.   This “spell” makes us feel isolated and vulnerable, projected from the “Kingdom of Heaven” towards a cruel world of endless wars. This “spell” is actually a deception, unique to the archon entities who have trained us to believe that the duality of opposition is a “natural” aspect of life. 

Held within this “holographic prison”, and separated from the Source, humanity must “serve”, one side or the other, of this world of Illusion (the “maya” of the Hindus). A binary imprint, which has become so present, that human beings have forgotten even the Principle which engendered it (The One). They have thus been conditioned to idolize the holographic deception, mistaking part of the hologram for Reality and the dark forces that perpetuate it (“the Deep State” or the “Cabal”)._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

In order to capture and control as many souls as possible, the corrupt demiurge has thus divided the manifested world into two camps, apparently opposed: the shadow (evil) and the - false - light supposed to be "good". In an effort to harvest as much energy as possible, he created the paradigm of light/dark duality, to ensure that each incarnated being, under his sway, would serve as a stack of souls, a kind of "reserve ” to his energy food. In an endless struggle, the “good” souls could only seek the  - false - light while the “bad” souls, the shadow..._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

To make the game of duality more exciting, Yaldabaoth created “densities of existence” into which supposed initiates on the paths of – false – light, could “ascend”! The simulacrum of the “double” of the soul is then at its height, giving beings who travel through these densities a sense of accomplishment as they navigate through a labyrinth of pretenses! All serve, in fact, the same perverted and truncated system! 

The “key” to freeing oneself from this trap, into which even the greatest sages have fallen, is to apply the discernment-humility-perseverance triptych which guides the sincere seeker, to remain “connected” to the Unique Source, beyond beyond the “veil of appearances”. 

The difference between a being of True Divine Light and a being of the "false light" hierarchy, is that the Light of the former is ONE, enveloping, pure and unconditional love, while the "light" of the other is cold, uncomfortable and oppressive. 

The Infinite Source does not impose an “agenda” on human beings. She is never controlling, manipulative, bossy, or guilt-ridden in any way. Both Peace, Love, Joy and Beauty, it will support and protect you in the "mission" that you have freely chosen to manifest, to help dismantle the dark "matrix" and participate in the Victory of the only and True Light .



(*) This symbolic figure is to be considered both in terms of vibrational frequency and number


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°104 - Summer 2021)

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