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Spiral Universe N°96



The invisible world IS the real world

Imagine that you are depressed. You call your best friend. His reassuring words lift your spirits and you regain enough energy to regain faith in life. The help received is not "physical", but comes from the vibration of the words. But this flood of information was transmitted to you by simple telephone frequencies... 

This is how quantum medicine devices work: they send extremely fine waves which “talk” to our cells and transmit information to them, which is carried by photons. To use the metaphor, you could say that the frequencies are your friend's comforting phrases; and photons, words, with their meaning.

Biofeedback devices are designed to detect electromagnetic waves, the "frequencies" emitted by each cell in our body. When some are jammed or "wrong", the device sends "correct" frequencies to correct the problem.

The scalar waves, comparable to a permanent and diffuse background noise of the ambient medium, are "grafted" onto the first scalar vector and will thus amplify the basic emission. This is called "free energy"; creating an artificial vortex in space thus attracts natural vortices to a restricted area (the initial field); finally, giving a little energy at the start makes it recover from 1.5 to 3, even 5 times more depending on the location!

There are many transmitter/receiver pairs in nature according to this model: the transmitter transmits and the receiver thus receives a message, enriched with all the scalar waves of the environment, harmonics of the first wave emitted: the sun and the earth form such a couple, where the earth is receptive; man and all living beings on earth are then considered as secondary, tertiary, etc. receivers, sharing the energy emitted by the sun and more generally by the cosmos. 

On another scale, the therapist and his patient also form a transmitter/receiver couple, with an exchange of energy and information: the therapist is on the one hand a secondary receiver knowing how to capture the energy of heaven and earth. , and on the other hand, he is a transmitter by redirecting (by his hands and/or by acupuncture needles) the energy captured towards his patient, who then becomes a tertiary receiver. L he medicine man is therefore always a "medium", more or less aware of his potential as such! 

If quantum therapy makes use of increasingly sophisticated electronic devices, such as the Korotkov or the Mora, this approach to medicine is not necessarily mechanistic: because the machines do not work alone. By “dialogue” with our field of information, these devices stimulate our self-healing capacities. But nothing can be done without the presence " humane " of the therapist. An interaction that is all the more important since this vision of health, and therefore of life, implies not only a relationship between body and mind, but the union of mind and matter.


One of the most important discoveries of quantum physics, taken up and developed in therapy, is the “Theory of energy fields”: they are the ones that organize and control our body, an organized structure of information forming a Whole. What Orientals have understood for a long time with acupuncture, which treats the energy flows or vital currents of the body, but also Ayurvedic medicine with the "body of light" and its chakras.

The old space-time model has thus been replaced by a fluid and timeless field of constant  transformations. This quantum field is not separate from us, it IS us. While nature creates stars, galaxies, quarks and leptons, we create ourselves. The human body, like the cosmos, is constantly renewing itself every second. This solid body, crimped in time and space, is also a fluid organism nourished by millions of years of intelligence. Each cell could be compared to a tiny terminal, connected to the cosmic computer. 

The new reality introduced by quantum physics has, for the first time, made it possible to work at the level of the invisible intelligence that underlies the visible world. Einstein taught us that the physical body like all material objects is an illusion. The invisible world is the real world. When we are willing to explore  the invisible levels of our body, we will be able to tap into the immense creative power that is the source of our being. This source which is the rainbow linking Heaven to Earth, revealing the seven colors of a single Light. Every man can receive this Light, in the color refracted by his own prism. And every moment of our life is part of an infinite dialogue with the Universe. Everything that happens to us - healings, peace but also upheavals in the world down to the simplest events (births, marriages, deaths...) - is in fact only the reflection of an "Intelligence" , of this Field of frequencies that the Ancients were able to perfectly describe in their language.


(All rights reserved © Univers Spiral N°96 - Summer 2019)

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