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Universe SPIRAL N°106

“Know that there are two types of upheavals in the manifested Universe. The former are due to the natural mutations of the cosmos and punctuate the degrees of its ascent; the latter are the fruits of diseased souls, the children of anarchic thought-forms. »

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Transition to Global Consciousness 

The maintenance, for 2 years, of the climate of fearinstilled by the pseudo-pandemic of Covid-19, has conditioned populations to the forced consent of vaccination or rather to the inoculation of a toxic substance modifying human DNA. 

The Covid-19 “vaccine” is a new “weapon” that leaders in the pay of the Globalist Agenda intend to deploy on a large scale to mistreat, humiliate and decimate their peoples. A weapon of bioterrorism to try to set up this “New world order” resulting from the “Great reset”, a tyrannical dystopia based on false health threats, widespread digital surveillance, the development of AI and transhumanism initiated by the World Economic Forum, “Kill” Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation.

And it is certainly not the vaccine, favoring the emergence of variants, which will bring us general immunity, obtained by the free circulation of the virus, following the example of Sweden. In this regard, it should be noted that the very notion of immunity is totally absent from the dialectic of the propaganda media, because of state lies! 

The shadow has more than one trick up its sleeve, to continue to manage this crisis in the form   of a medical tyranny, with tests not adapted to Covid-19, confinement of people (some countries are even considering internment camps...), discriminatory measures to identify and exclude from society unvaccinated people, these new plague victims... A whole potential arsenal in violation of the laws - with the complicity of institutions parliamentary and judicial -   to break individuals and silence dissent.

But this is without counting on the resistance of millions of citizens who, through their own energy and their meditative strength, have the power to positively influence the course of history. Their action, non-violent and determined, can have a decisive effect on the sequence of events. 

By raising our vibration, we place ourselves above the field of infections, we protect our genome, we stimulate our immune system, we strengthen our organism, we promote our healing in the event of illness, on the physical but also emotional and spiritual levels. .

The main consequence of the terrestrial vibratory elevation – at least for beings   having increased their own vibration by resonance – is   an opening of consciousness, resulting in a of spiritual height. An openness that will lead them to greater understanding, tolerance, equity, justice, compassion, and love.  

The raising of the vibrational level of the Earth will help the individuals who will awaken, with important repercussions on our planet. This process will fundamentally change human relationships, both on a personal and planetary level, favoring the emergence of new paradigms.  

To transform a society, according to the Law of Attraction, it is not necessary that a majority of the population changes its point of view; an active minority is sufficient to achieve it. It is "The Maharishi Effect" - an application of the famous "critical mass" - which must accompany the increase in vibration of the Earth, allowing humanity to ascend towards another dimension, towards a luminous world of harmony and balance.

The current vibratory surge is only the prelude to this transformation. But it is impossible to know when this switchover - the “Event” or the “Compression Flash” - will occur. What is certain is that things are accelerating on the earth plane but also on the interdimensional level which has a direct impact on what we are experiencing during this transition phase of global consciousness._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

The Light is there, present in front of every human being who has the eyes to see.

But, as the Hopi Indians say: "It will depend on us, depending on whether we have decided, either to fall into the hole or to cross the door". 

Are we ready to take this step?  

It is up to everyone to decide, according to their conscience, to take their responsibilities and do their part. 

A unique opportunity in history is offered to humanity to joyfully transcend the ancient world towards a golden age announced by all the Prophecies.


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°106 - Winter 2021)

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