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Spiral Universe N° 82

The editorial

Peace is a state of mind

In view of recent events and the emotional chaos that has disturbed the aura of the Earth, one word is essential to all states of emergency: PEACE. But how can we offer this peace to our brothers in humanity, feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, care for the sick, suppress wars with their recurrent procession of suffering?


Any war, in principle, is doomed to failure. This is the case with the war against terrorism, drugs, poverty, cancer… Because war is a state of mind, germinating within sick brains since it leads to global destruction, to collective suicide. Any act only has the effect of strengthening the adversary, even of creating a new enemy, as one creates, with drug "bombs", new diseases...

“Anyone who is in the grip of the mindset of war finds their perceptions distorted and selective,” wrote Gregg Braden in The Isaiah Effect. In other words, one only sees through a prism of collective dysfunction leading to the madness of the human mind. And it is not difficult to imagine what acts can arise from such a system of destruction.

Although multiple assists and fragile treaties attempt to reduce the suffering of our physical world, the key to a real paradigm shift can only come from a radical transformation of the thoughts that continuously feed the web of this suffering. . Because there is a deep correlation between the state of consciousness of the human being and the external reality which is its manifestation.


“Be aware of this peace with your mind, desire it with your heart, realize it with your body”, taught the Essenes. More than 2,000 years ago, the Qumran Community on the Dead Sea showed us how to identify the building blocks of thoughts, feelings and emotions. For this, she determined a common denominator, associating the end of suffering with the three converging elements of prayer:

- The son of man will seek peace within his own body; for her body is a mountain lake which reflects the sun when her waters are calm and clear. When it is full of mud and stones, it does not reflect anything.

- The son of man will seek peace in his own mind; there is no greater power in the heavens and on the earth than the thought of the son of man. Although invisible to the eyes of the body, each thought possesses an extraordinary force capable of shaking the heavens themselves.


- The son of man will seek peace within his feelings; he will ask the Angel of Love to penetrate his feelings in order to purify them. And all that was before impatience and discord will turn into harmony and peace.

Knowing that our evolution will force us to redefine the technology in our world - laws of the Connected Universe, of attraction/resonance and of antigravity - the Essenes remind us how to create peace around us. Through the logic of our mind, we must be convinced of the real existence of peace. We must desire it wholeheartedly, in each of our experiences.


Peace is already a reality in the world. Our challenge is to seek it, to discover it, even where it seems not to exist. It is our body that expresses what our mind and heart feel. We choose the stocks we offer to the world. These actions externally reflect the choices we have made internally.


We are invited to create peace in the Universe, in order to arrive at the love which confers unity on all our actions. The prophecies of the Hopi Indians of Arizona, remind us that "when prayer and meditation are used, instead of new inventions which aggravate imbalances, then humanity will also find its true way". These words only affirm the quantum principle according to which, to modify the result of a series of events already in progress, we are called upon to change our (erroneous) beliefs. By doing so, we attract the possibilities to consciously create this new reality of Peace, Love and Light, in connection with all that is happening, on Earth and in Heaven.


(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°82 – WINTER 2016)

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