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Spiral Universe N° 78

The editorial

The "Heavenly Window" of 2017

The Alchemical Tradition, like the Prophecies of the Ancient Mayans and the Hopi people, are unanimous: the decade of delay in the paradigm shift should end in 2017, an auspicious period including a celestial window similar to that of the December 2012 solstice, which facilitated Earth's shift into fourth density. “The planetary alignment of 2017 is a fact. The ascension of the Earth is moving towards increasingly higher and luminous vibratory planes, underlines Suzanne Ward. The few intervening years will pass with increasing speed. More and more high vibrations along the way will allow for the expansion of soul level consciousness and powers of manifestation which will be warmly welcomed. Optimism and excitement about Earth's bright future counterbalances the negativity of the usual media reports of the Ebola outbreak, Ukraine, Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in particular , the advancement of ISIS forces in Syria”...

We do not underestimate the seriousness of these situations: the repetitive images and reports of dire outlooks, imbued with fear and pessimism keep the population in a third density vibration. Despite the media's loss of credibility, the vast majority still believe in “expert” assessments. Unaware of universal laws, she does not know that the circumstances, which she worries about the future of the world, would evolve much more quickly if currents of positive energy were propelling them. Manipulated by the forces of darkness, she is unaware that the current chaos offers millions of human beings the opportunity to transmute “3D” karma to achieve balance and evolve. Most people are unaware that each being has chosen to incarnate on Earth in order to be able to participate in this prodigious “quantum leap” and that the result will be the Golden Age of the Earth.

Since October 28, 2011 which, according to CJ Calleman, specialist in the Mayan Calendar, marked the "synchronization of the Nine waves of Creation of the Universe (underworlds) and the entry into an infinite Cycle of Eternal Time", new energy currents emerge, some change direction, others gain momentum, still others diminish to mere will-o'-the-wisps. The whole movement is influenced by our collective thoughts, feelings and deliberate choices. Therefore, even though the end result of all that is going on is already inscribed in the cosmic continuum, it is not possible to define in linear time, when a specific event will manifest. The so-called NASA press release fixing December 21 to 23, 2014, as the “Three days of darkness” announced by the Prophecies, is a perfect illustration of this...

Our notion of time is, in fact, energy in motion. The process of world transformation and spiritual renewal puts an end to what darkness has imposed on hearts and minds for many centuries: fear and contempt for all that is different. The time has come for the peoples of the Earth to free themselves from these constraints so that everyone can live with respect for themselves and others, in perfect cooperation and harmony, refusing hate speech and

. It is to this mission that the “Lightworkers” are called on a planet where labels have no place, each soul being connected to the cosmic Order, in the unity consciousness. It would be futile to want to change the mentality of anyone: the rate of growth in consciousness and spiritual understanding is a divine right granted to every soul. But everyone, in a free choice, can put on the clothes of the “Lightworker”, dissolving the negative knots of the past and living each moment in full consciousness. By radiating positive thoughts and feelings of love, we will hasten the end of fighting and suffering. Thus we will be able to raise our vibratory level and nourish the fabric of the new dawn.


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