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Spiral Universe N°91



The impalpable who subsists


We live today the death of the modernity of a worldwhich reduced the Universe, Life, Man to machines. Mechanical science has reached its limits, especially in physics; the biosphere seems no longer able to tolerate industrial man; the ethics - if it can be described as such - of hyper-materialism, the race for profit and narcissistic perversion, struggles to contain the flows of a new unitary consciousness, in coherence with the creative Principle, this “Mysterious Force” to which we are all subject, and whose existence Einstein held for certain, the existence in the visible universe, “even if nature only shows us the tail of the Lion...”


During a lecture given in 1928, the famous scientist had declared that “according to the General Theory of Relativity, one cannot conceive of space without the Aether; otherwise, not only could light not propagate there, but no spatial norm could exist”. An assertion shared by Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, when he asserted that “we must presume under this force - this energy field or 'Indra's Net' - the existence of an intelligent and conscious Spirit, the Matrix of all matter”.

Beyond the discovery of the space/time continuum and the reality of universes interconnected according to a unitary principle, there is a “metaphysics of Transcendence” where the only admissible “substance” is immaterial. Plato had called this substance eidos, meaning in Greek both “idea”, “thought, “information”. Today, we can characterize the eidos as atoms of our ontology, which literally means that they are indivisible. In other words, it is not possible to dissect them to find out what they are made of inside. Thus, when you observe one of your thoughts, you immediately perceive the overall meaning. The details of that thought only reveal themselves when you force them through reasoning. You then engage in the work of creating new eidos...

Take the example of a book. Everything we know of its existence comes down to the perceptions we have of it: our hands that hold it, our eyes that see it. However, the book is not limited to these sensations alone. It is more than the matter that constitutes it. The traces of ink on the paper do not make this book which deals with the subject that we are reading. Besides, this material is not as permanent as it seems. Atoms and molecules are constantly changing. We ourselves are continually changing, so our book is also not reduced to a certain state of our neurons. 

Where is he then? In words perhaps? Neither. Tomorrow you won't be the same... Tomorrow the very material that makes up the object called a book will have changed. Tomorrow, however, you will resume reading the same book!

This impalpable which remains, after you have eliminated all that is insignificant, is precisely the “pure” meaning, the eidos which does not need material support to exist. Because it is both an elementary brick and a bubble of vibratory thought, “matter of the spirit and spirit of matter”.

According to Anatoli Okhatrin, these eidos are able to mutually exchange the information they contain. It follows that the ideas conceived by one person can come to the mind of other people. The experiments and calculations of the Russian researcher have shown that these particles constitute the material support of human thoughts and feelings and transmit them at speeds greater than those of light. It is Régis Dutheil's “Superluminous Universe” where everything resonates with Everything, in the luminous harmonics of the Music of the Spheres. 

Behind the strong turbulence and the resistance of the proponents of the “power of appearance”, a new world is therefore being born. A larger world to which we are bound by a superior Intelligence, a Presence which interconnects, in a matrix frame, all of Creation, whatever the definition given by science and religion.



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