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Spiral Universe N°93



Exit piloting automatic

We live today in a very significant period: that of solar flares which have a direct effect on everything that exists on our planet and touches in a particular way on human consciousness. Indeed, the sun has such power that it is able to affect, through its atomic particles, the Earth's atmosphere, its electromagnetic energy field, but also to affect the bioelectrical system of every living being.

Solar flares affect human consciousness more than ever today. We can see all around us and in our own lives both the intense upheaval and the desired transformations taking place. What is changed is amplified by the electromagnetic forces at play around us. 

For Russian scientist Tchizhevsky, when geomagnetic solar activity is active, there is the greatest potential to affect our mood, the way we behave and our creativity. Periods of increased solar activity do not just correlate with social unrest, but bring innovation and   imagination in architecture, the arts and sciences. The old social structures that do not help humanity to become more conscious and evolved could be replaced by more adapted and above all more sustainable models. Above all, it is a time of opportunity where new possibilities allow these peaks of energies to be used to create progress and a better living environment. It's time to live our daily lives better and this time, in a state of conscious and aware Consciousness.

What we can do during these times of solar activity is to increase the emotional balance and coherence within each of us. Harmony is essential in times of chaos. It will also allow us as individuals to use these energy flows to our advantage. When we elevate our internal coherence, we can positively influence our personal relationships and our social environment, in the new collective consciousness of humanity.

So let's take advantage of this phase of increasing solar energy to create great opportunities for a more than positive social transformation. The world, our world, needs it so much. And we know it. So, let's wake up and activate the best that lives in us and redistribute the surplus all around us. This is how, every day, we will succeed in transforming this rapidly changing world.

In these profound transformations affecting society and consciousness, the pineal gland takes on a particular importance. This tiny part of our brain is a laboratory for the production of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) or "Mind Molecule" which acts as a gateway into the dimensions of a more subtle reality, regulating both the circadian rhythm and the production of melatonin. 

The pineal gland is more than sensitive to magnetic fields. It is also through it that we seek our memories. We thus discover that our memory is not located in the brain... but that it is only a transducer, like a very sophisticated radio antenna which will seek our memories in this universal map which connects us to each other. the others… The pineal gland is   thus our link with the Universe, the “matrix”, the “field” as Einstein called it, which makes us One.

According to physicist Gregg Braden “we are not just observers of the events that arise in our lives, as if fate had decided it for us. The perception that we   have, with our sight, our touch, our taste, our smell or our hearing is only the perception of the world that we have decided to erect before us. We therefore become “participants”.  

But if the principle of the morphogenetic field goes as far as the materialization of our environment by our thought and our will, we are also "remotely guided" under the effect of lines of force which connect some to others, according to the resonances of the crystallized cellular memories. These confinement force fields are driven by human thought, beliefs, animosity, lack of humility, fear, and this need to control others... 

The control system of the human mind is maintained by all beliefs, by karma, by DNA, but also by our behavior.   Therefore a "scaling" of the pineal gland is necessary to get out of the "automatic pilot"   to which we are subject, beyond our choices of incarnation . And some know it perfectly, otherwise there would be no fluoride in tap water!


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