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Spiral Universe N°88



Art to save the world

Cosmic Intelligencehas deposited in us a deep aspiration that pushes us to always go further so that there is an evolution in the human species. But men have always been drawn to the outer, superficial side of existence, to the point of becoming its slaves, its victims. The greatest joys are to be sought in the heights or in the depths, which, in reality, are the same thing. Because all that humans have managed to create is only a reflection of the Divine World.
Enough time, effort, and love must be devoted to reaching high, contemplating, and grasping the celestial realities. And this especially applies to artists. Expressing beauty without learning to come into contact with it is impossible. And yet, many artists imagine that by living a narcissistic and disordered life, they will create sublime works for posterity. But that is pure illusion! Until they undertake spiritual work of order and purification, they will only create scarecrows and decoys, succumbing to the base instincts of the dark forces with which they resonate.
Today, rare are the artists who meditate and pray before creating. In their megalonania, they consider themselves to be their only inspirations! But their vain works, not only no longer harbor that spark of Eternity which gives their value to the works of the past, but they reflect the infernal regions of the subconscious of man where ugliness and chaos reign. These creators of perverted works before which the hypermaterialist society bows down, lead humanity to its loss.
 “Beauty is like a ray of light that only appears in all its brilliance if it crosses a perfectly transparent medium,” emphasizes Mikhaël Aïvanov. In an opaque medium, the ray is deflected and distorted,  This is why it is so important that before creating, the artist undertakes real work on himself to become a pure crystal, so transparent that it will let the divine beauty pass through it”.
The degree of beauty that the artist can achieve and express through his work thus depends essentially on what he himself is. Painters, sculptors, musicians and poets have thus given masterpieces to humanity. And before getting down to work, they collected themselves, meditated and asked Heaven's blessing, because only the divine plan can grant this light which enlightens the imagination. These artists then received the revelation of true beauty and the possibility of expressing it through their art and transmitting it by awakening the true nature of the spiritual essence of man.
“Art needs a relationship with the spirit, with the reality of the spirit, and not only with an imaginary reality, wrote Rudolf Steiner (*). The artist could create nothing if an impulse from the spiritual world did not live within him. To create, one must carry within oneself the elements of this creation. One cannot produce anything divine if one is not inhabited by Heaven. You have to surpass yourself, access the Transcendence of being, enter higher regions to find inspiration there. When man rises to the higher planes he receives in return particles of light which continue to vibrate through him in such a way that they transform all of humanity. This is the goal of the true artist, who by “touching Heaven”, has received the power to propagate Light through forms, colors and sounds.
According to esoteric science, inspiration is nothing other than contact with a higher force, an intelligence that uses our support (physical, psychic and spiritual) to execute what we ourselves cannot manifest. By himself man cannot produce brilliant creations; but he can be visited by divine entities who inspire him. These entities are waiting, in the invisible, for evolved beings who will know how to introduce into them light, order and peace through meditation. A true meditation to rise up to a world beyond us, to be amazed by its beauty and then to reflect each particle vibrating in harmony with the divine world.
This is how art can save the world. For, as Steiner pointed out, “true art cannot be other than conscious; on the one hand, he must bring to Earth the divine spiritual life, on the other hand, he must form, raise the terrestrial physical life so that, in its forms, in its colors, in its words and its sonorities, can to appear a supermundane element, like an earthly revelation”.


(*) The Cosmic Mission of Art (Editions Triades)

(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°88 – SUMMER 2017)

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