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Universe SPIRAL N°103

“Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. In fact, that's still how the world has changed. »

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Totalitarian pass

What we announced, from the start of 2020, as the priority objective of the incredible smoke-out and global lockdown of Covid-19, is today confirmed with the hysterization of mass vaccination for the most great profit from the manufacturers - without any scientific hindsight as to the efficacy or safety of the vaccines used and the introduction of vaccine "passes", presented as the only alternative to allow the good people, masked and submissive , to hope to find a little of the "life before"...


For the past year, a majority of governments have been abusing “stop & go” confinements and curfews, with a skillfully orchestrated dose of alarmist announcements and episodes of stress against a backdrop of guilt, to legitimize the draconian measures of a state of emergency with no legal justification. And even less scientific, because in no way reflecting the reality of a "pandemic" whose lethality does not exceed 0.5% and which, by the nature of the virus produced in the laboratory, gradually loses its virulence, in favor of collective natural immunity. 

The emergence of the famous "variants" has opened a royal road to the "Green Passport", which should allow our "blissful" vaccinated to travel freely, but also to access employment, school, restaurants and other places of life. This totalitarian "open sesame" to get out of confinements and their disastrous consequences - while treatments exist! - would even be acclaimed by a majority of people, unaware of having been manipulated, and ultimately calling for their own servitude!

The "conspirators" are not in the camp that we believe. For those who still doubt it, the taking of planetary hostages - of which the Covid-19 serves as a health alibi - is part of a strategy planned for a long time by the oligarchs of finance and the psychopathic multi-billionaires whose rapid enrichment has led to build “agendas” of masters of the world, within “private clubs” such as the Trilateral, the CFR, the Bilderberg or the World Economic Forum of K. Schwab. It is this Planetary Oligarchic Nebula (PNO) that manipulates the UN, WHO, IMF, EU, most NGOs and all anti-people organizations and mass media.  

Those who define themselves as “the elite”,   have long sought a system that would allow them to monopolize most of the material wealth of the planet. And this system, they found it: financial capitalism transformed into a formidable tool of predation. But in their eyes this has never been more than a stage in their megalomaniac project of global control of humanity. Their ultimate goal is to seize power in its entirety, with the project of “reinitializing” the economic and social system through the use, for their exclusive benefit, of new technological and computer tools.

Moreover, it is not very difficult to corrupt the servants of the State (members of the high administration, parliamentarians, ministers, presidents...), almost all from the Grandes Ecoles or their equivalents elsewhere than in France: it is enough to “remunerate” them well, by ensuring them positions of power and fortune. 

It was in the sixties of the 20th century that the concept of "greed(greed / greed), put forward by the monetarist Milton Freedman judging that all regulation must be removed. Thus will fall the Bretton Woods agreements - dollar / gold convertibility - and open the floodgates of the "dollar-king", of the money printing press in constant operation and of the passage from the virtual absence of debt of the Nation States to ever-increasing debt.

The result is not long in coming: prisoners of an irrepayable debt - which they still have to service - the States find themselves prisoners of private banks (especially after the obligation, in 1973-74, to finance themselves exclusively from of these) and therefore obliged to obey the NOP. Then begins the frenzied collaboration between the main so-called "democratic" states and the oligarchs, with a view to creating a binary global context: the all-powerful planetary Oligarchy against the Nation-State and the People - that is to be controlled. From the years 2008-2014, during the great bankruptcy of the banks, saved by public money, that of citizens' taxes, the Planetary Oligarchic Nebula understands that it now has the possibility of putting an end to the theory of "runoff". (the ruling classes make the “world below” benefit from part of their gigantic fortunes to enable it to “live decently”...) and to replace it with the theory of “capture”: the riches material, social, cultural, intellectual must belong to the “1%” which now dominates the world.  

The people, having become a “herd”, will have to content themselves with a pittance. We cannot totally eliminate him from the equation because on his work will depend the major part of the oligarchic wealth, but we must be able to dominate him, to control him, to manipulate him without reserve, using new technologies. of transhumanism. To do this, you must submit it. 

But how do you get submission? By probably the most powerful because the most instinctive feeling: fear. And what is the most basic fear? That of death. How does death most often come? By illness. 

And the shock causing this visceral fear will be the Covid-19 “pandemic”...


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°103 - Spring 2021)

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