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The spirit of matter in its four states

Bernard HERZOG

CRAM Editions

"Throwing oneself into reading this book requires a spirit of adventure and curiosity which knows how to make a large place for this famous principle of uncertainty, beyond the principles of reason which limit our understanding and make it very difficult to empathetic support required”, writes Professor Cornillot in the preface.
The four states of matter - air, water, earth and fire - are the subject of ancestral reflection, traces of which can be found in very ancient civilizations such as traditional Chinese medicine, Indian medicine from the same period, the medicines of the Mediterranean basin, to lead through the Greeks to the foundations of our representations.
For each of these states, the author takes us on a polymorphic reflection that combines, with happiness and audacity, scientific approaches related to the state studied, artistic and philosophical references induced by the study of this state, and the instead of an empathic personal experience that combines patient stories, the world of dreams and their interpretation, all in a new oneirism that requires great curiosity to read, and which will constitute an original contribution to the whole. Thus conceived, the book will appear to the reader as a free digression on an essential theme, before he perceives the path thus traveled, carried away as he is by the pen of an author as endearing as he is uncompromising. Let him not be surprised by the strange impression of having approached a strange and new world.

The author: Bernard Herzog is a Doctor of Medicine, a specialist in electroradiology (diagnostic and therapeutic), a graduate of Sciences (graduate studies in biology, general physiology and chemistry, physics and biological chemistry). Former head of biophysics work, he was also head of service at the Center Hospitalo Universitaire de Nantes and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Nantes. A graduate in psychotherapy, he practices psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and continues his research. A popular lecturer, he is also a great humanist and a recognized writer after having published 14 books.

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