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Special issue No. 27


A hellish virus

In 1956, Günther Anders presented, inThe Obsolescence of Man,this premonitory reflection: “To stifle any revolt in advance, you must above all not go about it in a violent way. Archaic methods like Hitler's are clearly outdated. It is enough to create a collective conditioning so powerful that the very idea of revolt will no longer even come to the minds of men. 

The ideal would be to format individuals from birth, by limiting their innate biological abilities. Then, we would continue conditioning by drastically reducing the level and quality of education, to bring it back to a form of professional integration. An uneducated individual has only a limited horizon of thought and the more his thought is limited to material, mediocre concerns, the less he can revolt. We must ensure that access to knowledge becomes increasingly difficult and elitist, that the gap widens between the people and science, that information intended for the general public is anesthetized of any subversive content._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

There again, it is necessary to use persuasion, and not direct violence: we will broadcast massively, via television, mind-numbing entertainment, always flattering the emotional, the instinctive. We will occupy the minds with what is futile and playful. It is good with chatter and incessant music, to keep the mind from wondering, thinking, pondering. Sexuality will be placed at the forefront of human interests. As a social anesthetic, there is nothing better. In general, we will make sure to banish the seriousness of existence, to deride everything that has a high value, to maintain a constant apology for lightness; so that the euphoria of advertising and consumption becomes the standard of happiness and the model of freedom.

Conditioning will thus produce such integration on its own, that the only fear (which will have to be maintained) will be that of being excluded from the system, and therefore of no longer being able to access the material conditions necessary for the alleged addictive happiness of matter. . 

The mass man, thus produced, must be treated like a product, a sheep which must be supervised like a herd. Anything that puts one's lucidity to sleep,   one's critical mind is good socially, anything that might awaken it must be fought, ridiculed, stifled... Any doctrine challenging the system must first be designated as subversive and terrorist and those who support it should be treated as such.” 

The raison d'etre of mind control is to infiltrate society "behind the scenes", first placing trusted servants in key positions. The system cannot afford to have weak links. This is the reason why he requires slaves under "MK" (Mind Kontrol) to be willing at all strategic points, even to use clones!

The programming of consciences is like an infernal virus that runs in a loop, where slaves are programmed to themselves become executioners but also programmers. Any person who is sexually or psychologically abused will not automatically reproduce the abuse, but this human function which consists of self-treating through anesthetic and dissociative behaviors, such as violence against others, is exploited to the extreme by certain groups, relays of the extra-dimensional predatory corpus, thus making the abomination bear fruit from generation to generation. Violence is a drug. It creates extreme stress, an awakening of the traumatic memory which makes the person trip by a sudden production of hormones such as cortisol or endogenous morphine. This is the vicious circle of programmed violence. The legacy of ancient Babylon, with its blood sacrifices and the enslavement of human beings, has been passed down through the centuries. The tradition of ritual abuse to create slaves, stems from this nameless religion, still practiced by the Khazarian mafia and its satanist relays in the depraved and corrupt upper echelons of society.

But the time is not far off that will see this infernal chain broken. The Great Reset, Davos Forum version - “You will own nothing and you will be happy!” - will not work, for a simple reason: the definition of entropy (disorder), according to the second law of thermodynamics, is wrong , because upside down! “A closed system, as the Cabal would like to impose, does not exist, as Cobra pointed out during its conference in Paris, at the beginning of December 2022. The system is not closed, the black holes evaporate , information is received from outside (galactic beings) and this process cannot be stopped, because everything is intricate, interconnected”. 

There is another reset, prior to the one planned by the psychopaths of the WEF, that of the Forces of Light to free the planet from “Quarantine” and erase all darkness. 

Remember that every thought, every action creates ripples through the infinite field of consciousness. You are much more powerful than you think!

So, Warriors and Lightworkers, be in the Presence of the “I AM”, and persevere in your intentions which will reorganize the field.p quantum until manifesting the Victory!                                                             



Year 2022 © Universe SPIRALE - Special Edition N°27

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