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Universe Spiral N°100

Choose a new quantum possibility

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes outlawed and corrupt. » 

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In this incredible story of “pandemic”, certain words of the great philosopher and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner, resonate today in a particularly prophetic way. He described there, from 1920,   "the mechanisms of submission and manipulation leading to the generalization of a vaccine, presented to populations under the influence of fear, as the essential weapon of thought at the service of the “man-machine”. »

"We must not delude ourselves: we are in the presence of a well-defined movement," he writes. In the past, the spirit (belief in an individual spiritual principle) was eliminated. The soul will be eliminated by means of a medicine. Starting from a “healthy view of things”, a vaccine will be found with which the organism will be treated from its earliest youth, if possible from birth itself, so that the body does not come to think that it exists. a soul and a spirit. The two currents, the two conceptions of the world will be radically opposed.

One will reflect on how to develop concepts and representations that are commensurate with true reality, the reality of soul and spirit.

The others, the successors of the current materialists, will seek the vaccine that will make the so-called “healthy” bodies. We will obtain this result by manipulating the bodies. And materialistic doctors will be entrusted with the task of ridding humanity of souls..."


Rudolf Steiner had the ability to "see" reality on the planes of the Invisible. A reality which, in this case, comes in the form of vibratory information before being manifested. In this sense, the virus has no biological reality, since it is made up of DNA or RNA debris. A toxic virus can only exist by connecting to a host cell, already sick or "poisoned", on the physical level (electromagnetic fields, GMOs, pesticides...), but also on the psychic levels (emotions, negative thoughts ) and spiritual (anti-conscience, dark forces).

This “connection” is therefore possible when a virus enters into resonance with the corresponding vibration of a cell (organ, tissue) in imbalance. The energies of amazement, fear and anger thus have a direct impact on the biochemistry and functioning of our cells, particularly at the level of the microbiota, the “second brain” seat of our immunity. 

In this period of chaos, announced as the "End of a cycle" and the advent of a "dark age" in the quantum field of the Mayan Calendar, the health crisis served as a trigger for the collapse of a global oligarchic system, on the offensive to strengthen its power to enslave and reduce populations (forced vaccination with digital identification, establishment of a state of emergency, wrecked economies, generalized impoverishment, etc.).  

But if planetary configurations have an undeniable influence on the course of events,   they do not determine it. As with the Prophecies, there is a reading “beyond the letter”. Because it is consciousness that ultimately creates, at every moment, its present and its future. Through the quality of his thoughts and his emotions, which act as a veritable "magnet" on reality, man can delay, influence, or even reverse certain parameters, with the help of the powers of the invisible World at the service of Light. 

This world is "the projection of events taking place in a deeper sphere of reality", wrote physicist David Bohm. Consciousness and the act of observing determine which of the many possibilities becomes real. To choose a quantum possibility, we must BECOME that state of being, totally surrender to that new possibility, on the principle that feeling is a "language"   that directs and focuses our consciousness.

In other words, the object of our conscious attention of justice, peace and love, becomes the REALITY of our world. Through the quality of his thoughts and his emotions, which act as a veritable "magnet" on reality, human beings can delay, influence and even reverse certain parameters, with the help of the powers of the invisible world at the service of the Light. 

One of the errors repeated during thousands of years, was to fight “the Dark Side of the Force”, thus refusing the principle of duality which governs our incarnation. The awakening of a sufficient number of citizens - the critical mass - can only succeed if there is a work of consciousness on a more subtle level. It is the "Plan" where the Spirit can manifest, by a uniting feeling, in the sacred language of Creation, an elevated emotion (Love, Gratitude) and a pure intention (Peace, Beauty) , as the Essene Masters of Qumran taught in their time. 

It is the “Third way”, the one where reptilian energies, too dense, cannot have access to it. 

Aware of this reality, let's be this "Fighter of Light", invincible because it is well anchored to Mother Earth and connected to the Cosmos, like the Two immobile mountains that nothing and no one can destabilize, because it IS in the joy of the moment of the act already accomplished, and not in the difficulty of achieving it. It is the spiritual focus of an inner power, the power to act in full consciousness on the fabric of the “Super-luminous Universe” where all is ONE.


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°100 - Summer 2020)

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