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Spiral Universe N° 84

The editorial

Awaken our “sleeping” DNA

The " multidimensional" opening of consciousness is an important key to our evolution. This opening is related to the crystalline energy and must be operated prior to the Ascension, human as terrestrial.


On the scale of the Earth, crystalline energy relates to the great pyramids - Mayan, Egyptian, Bosnian - to the menhirs and to the telluric networks. At the center of expected opening of consciousness.

Consciousness and Energy are both necessary to generate the experience of life on Earth. In the same way, the evolution of Life implies and goes through the concomitant evolution of Consciousness and Energy.

Dimensional shift therefore involves a specific energetic frequency, associated with a corresponding openness of consciousness. The activation of the energy " portails ", associated with astrological events, is therefore not enough to trigger the Ascension. An opening of consciousness is also necessary to welcome and integrate these energies. The process is the same for all forms of consciousness so the Earth, just like humans, experiences the same adjustments.

Crystalline energy is linked to the mineral kingdom, which is why mineral structures, such as pyramids, menhirs or obelisks serve as relays for the energy currents that flow to the Earth, in order to crystallize them into «_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_patterns ” (energy footprints) assimilated by our body. Par ailleurs, la structure de ces « patterns » provoque, par induction et résonance « magnétique  », an awakening of the own crystalline structure, at the level of our DNA « dormant ».

Crystalline structures serve as “ keys ” for opening dimensional portals. The conditions are now met so that the portals can open, which is why some of you are encouraged to move to certain places on Earth, to participate in these dimensional openings, together with the beings located on both sides. another of these portals, which will thus be brought to meet.

Some portals are known: in Egypt (Gizeh), in Tibet (Mount Kailash), in Israel (Mount of the Temple), in California (Mount Shasta), in Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), in Russia (Lake Baikal). Other portals are less so, although just as real. All were set up in selected places, at certain times in the history of the Earth by extraterrestrial visitors or by older civilizations such as the Mayas, the Lemurians, the Atlanteans, the Celts (Druids) or the peoples of 'Intra-Earth (Agartha).

These portals provided transdimensional communications. Those that still exist - or that may have been " sauvés " - are now operational after their reactivation from the eighties. Their opening triggers the dimensional shift in beings who are ready and can connect to them. It will also be the moment of “meetings” for those who formulate the intention. All of this was announced within the time allowed by the calendar "divine ". Adjustments are possible on the earth plane, in the best collective interests. But let's be careful not to be fooled by the announcements and the current confusion.

Let us show discernment, but also fluidity.

The Path, like Life itself, is not linear. It is important to keep in view the overall scheme and the goals pursued, namely the Ascension of the Earth and the return of human consciousness to its original configuration. To this will be added the “Knowledge” of the Path travelled, from Light to Darkness and vice versa. Evolution, like Life itself, represents an act of co-creation, initiated, directed and shared by all, each at the appropriate level, in a common "stage" and "symphonic" score, played more or less in consciousness, but still connected to Source.


(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°84 – SUMMER 2016)

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