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Universe SPIRAL N°98



  The spiritual eye and ear

“Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. In fact, that's always the way the world

changed. » 

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Any physical or emotional manifestation always includes a counterpart in the plans of the Invisible, in the form of archetypes, support of the vibratory fields. The superior worlds are multiple and even if our mediumistic visions are frequently related to our emotional states, they nevertheless remain very real for those who have overcome their fears and their needs for power and recognition. To those, it is given to live this interior experience, by developing a spiritual vision and to bring back elements on the suprasensible worlds to help in the evolution of humanity.


Rudolf Steiner, famous   philosopher and visionary, wrote in 1910 in Theosophy: "The environment in which the man finds himself who learns to use his spiritual eye appears to him as a new world filled with living thoughts or spiritual beings. In this world we find in the first place the archetypes of all the objects and all the beings which are in the physical world and in the psychic world. in his mind before he combs it, and one will have an idea of what we mean by archetype here. It doesn't matter that he only fully designs it as it is made. 

In the true "spirit world" there are similar archetypes of all objects; physical beings and things are only the replicas of these originals... Each archetype has the possibility of assuming innumerable particular forms. These spring from him in a way; and as soon as one has been spawned, the archetype begins to create a new one. 

Steiner explains very clearly that archetypes can manifest themselves to spiritual perception in the form of images or in the form of sounds: as soon as the clairvoyant rises from the world of souls to that of the spirit, the visible archetypes become at the same time sound. 

This "sound" in question here is a purely spiritual phenomenon. The observer feels bathed in a sea of sounds in which the entities of the spiritual world express themselves. 

In their consonances, harmonies, rhythms, melodies, the original laws of the existence of these entities are expressed, their reciprocal relationships, their affinities. Everything that human understanding perceives in the form of law, of idea, is revealed to the "spiritual ear" as spiritual music. 

Sounds and music exist at different levels. At high levels they are transformed into spiritual language. The divine names and the sacred letters reveal their own vibrations there, sources of creation in the more material planes. 

For clairvoyants, the archetypes of human beings are perceptible in their subtle bodies also called energy bodies. These bodies envelop the physical body and intertwine with it. They are too subtle to be detected by scientific devices made of dense matter, but everyone can learn to feel them. The traditional texts of ancient civilizations provide detailed information about them, especially the Vedic and Hebrew traditions.

This knowledge of the geometries of subtle bodies was also widespread to varying degrees in other civilizations, for example the Mayan civilization and even the Christian tradition of origins. 

The subtle bodies are traversed by a network of energy circuits, well known to acupuncturists. These subtle vital currents constitute the living internal frameworks of the body. It is in the texture of these networks that are housed complex geometric patterns, which contain the codes of creation and development of the human being in all his physical, psychological, mental and spiritual dimensions.


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