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Chronicle No. 6

But where are the health ecologists?

It's "Frankenstein food"!, denounce in heart the anti-GMOs on both sides of the Atlantic. Reason for their concern ? According to the British Daily Mail, the US Department of Agriculture should give the green light to the cultivation and marketing of a new type of GMO, based on human genes. Three new kinds of rice have been developed based on human proteins, identical to those found in breast milk, tears or saliva: lactoferrin and lysozyme. These genes, cultivated and reproduced in the laboratory in synthetic form, are implanted in embryonic rice plants. It is the firm Ventria Bioscience which will market these new cereals.

During the election campaign, we heard a lot about the ecology of the Earth, but never about the ecology of health. Ecologists refuse chemicals for the earth but not for man.

In our current healthcare system, we seek to eradicate bacteria and viruses, as we have done with weeds or insects that have become resistant to products intended to kill them, as we have also done with microbes, which are also resistant to antibiotics. This system does not work, we have learned that the hard way. It is therefore urgent to abandon it, especially since it is costly financially and in human lives. The only thing that needs to be eradicated is fear, that fear which prevents us from thinking and leaves us helpless before orders issued by those who "know", but do not know that they are in error.

Pharmaceutical companies have declared war on diseases with powerful chemical weapons, which goes against all natural processes and endangers the ecosystem and therefore the man who depends on it. Instead of remaining in a dynamic of war, it would be preferable to favor harmonious cohabitation, a symbiosis between bacteria and ourselves. The microbes surround us, they are in us and do not seek to attack us, they only want to live and have no more pathogenic purpose than another being. There are more bacteria in our intestines than cells in our body and without these bacteria we could not live.

As Jean Bernard asked: "Are viruses really outside of us? Couldn't they come from our traumatized organisms?" He agreed with the theory dear to Claude Bernard, the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything, illustrated by the work of Antoine Béchamp on microzymas. It is a pity that Professor Jean Bernard did not apply this theory more in his work and that, paradoxically, our current medicine, which is so afraid of these viruses and microbes, does not hesitate to introduce into our body, in the form of drugs and vaccines, chemicals and pathogenic foreign organisms, such as vaccine viruses.

Health is not a stable state, it is a balance that must be constantly maintained, but not with medication or examinations of any kind. It is essential to have good habits, healthy food, positive thoughts devoid of any aggressiveness, a source of imbalance and therefore of illness. Moreover, health is not the total absence of illness and illness often has a meaning and remains necessary for the evolution of the individual. Let's not forget, either, that the infectious diseases of childhood help to forge our immune system and install lasting immunity.

It is therefore high time to change our behavior and to practice ecological medicine rather than herd medicine, avoiding as much as possible the modern doctor who has become a simple drug seller, a prescriber who no longer has the time to listening to the patient, an essential act in medicine.


Sylvie SIMON



(All rights reserved ©  SUMMER 2007)



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