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Universe Spiral N°89



think right

Man is a powerful generator of information.His thoughts and emotions act like small electromagnetic pulses charged with positive or negative energy, depending on their nature. Thoughts of love, emotions of joy are subtle energies that ensure good physical and psychic health, with the power to really change the suffering planet.

Life is the province of the etheric, for the etheric is the foundation of all that constitutes life. From time immemorial, four natural spheres have been distinguished: mineral, plant,   animal and human. In each appears a characteristic constitutive principle: in the mineral, the inorganic physical; in the vegetable, life; in the animal, the psychic and in the human, the spiritual.

The etheric finds its place between the physical and the psychic. The etheric body is made up of a magnetic shell whose field can be diminished and altered by wrong thinking, fear and anger. The human being, permeable to these contaminations, falls ill by an imbalance of the vital currents.

Scalar fields, very low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves, draw energy from the magnetic field. When this weakens beyond a certain threshold, it is the etheric body itself that is damaged. Some “misinformed” cells no longer respond to the fundamental cycle of birth, life and death. Having become materially “immortal”, these cells then mobilize all the vital energy without transforming it or restoring it. This is how the process of induction of cancer and autoimmune diseases is triggered.

When the “Science of the spirit”, initiated by Rudolf Steiner, refers to the etheric body, it speaks of a reality perceived by the “eyes of the spirit”, a reality underlying the outer physical body. Thus, it is “necessary to always have reverence for the nature of man. Our path consists in knowing what is durable, imperishable in human Nature. We must consider with reverence that our physical body is a revelation of the spiritual worlds”. 

In the case of cancer, it can be caused by different factors, the most common of which is an incorrect way of thinking of humanity. This is sometimes linked to a contamination of the vibrational environment: an individual may think he thinks correctly, and yet see his etheric field bombarded and penetrated by incorrect thoughts from the community to which he belongs. It will then generate pathologies by rupture of its spiritual connection - “Man is cut off from Heaven” according to the Taoist expression - but also by inversion of polarities, spatio-temporal disinsertion and loss of identity._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The Earth is like a ball traversed by energy channels sensitive to human intentions. The waves emitted by the generators that are our thoughts and our feelings, cause some of these channels to vibrate, the energy of which resonates with them. They can either amplify them and cause significant energy leaks until they create tsunamis or earthquakes, or on the contrary reduce them. 

Even when their intensity is low, our thoughts tend to merge with each other according to their vibrational affinity. It only takes twelve people consciously focused on reducing an overflow of energy in an earthquake zone to avoid an earthquake there. Thought is capable of disintegrating excess accumulated energy. But only a very small number of us are able to reach this level of operability. But that's without taking into account the “Children of the stars” who are incarnated today with unfailing potential and awareness!

Those who believe they can lift themselves up and get out of their difficulties without worrying about others are on the wrong track. We can only work effectively in the service of humanity and the advancement of the planet if we also take care of others, because we are all connected, like the connected Universe. No work done for self-interest can advance the planetary opening. It is compassion that projects our energy outward and can shift planetary consciousness. We walk, not by completing a course in a straight line, but by following a spiral curve to return to the starting point, from the Alpha to the Omega of our evolution.


(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°89 – AUTUMN 2017)

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