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Universe SPIRAL N°107

“Privileged people will always risk their total destruction rather than give up any material part of their advantage. Intellectual myopia, often called stupidity, is undoubtedly one reason. But the privileged also feel that their privileges, blatant as they may appear to others, are a solemn, fundamental, God-given right.

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The "covidemia" revealed

Despite misinformation and lies - the war in Ukraine having taken over  du Covid - the end of the nightmare is near! The global manipulation of “covidemia” is being exposed and a process of disclosure has begun with the start of trials for “crimes against humanity”, notably by the action of the International Criminal Grand Jury of the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and the “Corona Committee”.


Also soon to be disclosed will be the pedophile and satanist networks, the trafficking of humans, especially children, drugs, weapons, and the link of the Deep State oligarchs whose plan is to establish _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_a New World Order, with drastic population reduction and the totalitarian use of transhumanist (AI) technologies to enslave people.

This is why the “elite” persist in feeding the “pandemic of fear”, encouraging the greatest number to be inoculated with an experimental gene product in order to better impose their “passport to hell”. In fact, millions of people have been injected with this deadly "cocktail", for fear of losing their job, of no longer having a social life or in the hope of "recovering the life before", whatever be the “undesirable” effects, the consequences for the genome (DNA modification) and the attack on freedoms (digital identity, tracing, social credit, etc.).

“Vaccines” are the “Trojan Horse” to introduce a potential technology (AI) that the Jesuit Cabal, along with its Zionist proxies, has called the “Mark of the Beast”. It is nothing less than a biochip, inserted into the body and linked to a global system of digital currency (cryptocurrency), after the “Great Reset” for financial transactions. 

But the current collapse of the Covid-19 “pandemic” demonstrates their inability to carry out their disastrous agenda as planned. This diabolical plan, prepared a long time ago, was implemented prematurely, at the end of 2019, after the financial system understood that the Asian nations were no longer going to finance it! The initial attempt to cause mass fatalities with 5G electromagnetic attacks and then blame it on a coronavirus has been neutralized (the initial "outbreak" of the coronavirus coincided exactly with the start of 5G around the world...) . According to Benjamin Fullford, these 5G networks were almost immediately shut down by the benevolent intervention of the Galactic Confederation, which explains why the Covid death rate today is almost the same as that of the general population before the “pandemic”. ..

Today, people can no longer ignore the egregious nature of this conspiracy against humanity under the guise of a fake pandemic. This is why hundreds of thousands of awakened people have become aware of the irreparable damage inflicted on human beings by the inoculated products, fraudulently called “vaccines”.

To fight and fight well, it is essential to identify the one we must face. And don't be fooled by appearances. Politicians are the “puppets” of the puppeteer of Davos, sometimes even their understudy or clones, who slavishly apply the “orders” given by a cartel of psychopathic oligarchs devoid of humanity and capable of all atrocities. One of their objectives is the annihilation of spirituality (see the fire of Notre Dame de Paris, lit  in sacrifice to the god Moloch by the Khazar Satanists) and more generally, the destruction of the family (gender theory, wokism), social ties (the “war of all against all”), in order to isolate individuals and generate ever more suffering to cut us off from the Divine. 

We can understand that all this may seem “unbelievable”, so enormous and so terrifying, that the human mind prefers to reject everything altogether, “to collaborate” out of fear, out of concern for self-preservation and to save its skin! Persisting in the illusion so as not to have to face a completely different, extremely brutal reality could call all (false) beliefs into question.

“How much truth can a mind bear, how much can it risk, that is the only criterion of values”, asked Nietzsche. Imagine for a moment that the Deep State, which decides major public health and child protection directives behind the scenes, has long and regularly made sacrifices of children to Satan after raping and torturing them... And just imagine that this is true, that this truth comes out into the open, could you then accept this dose of truth? Or would you succumb to hearing this truth?”

After two years of totalitarian Covid madness, take a few minutes to observe the state of the world. Do you think that if we were really ruled by good people, we would come to such a point of desolation and chaos? Don't you think that reality today far exceeds fiction? 

The devil's greatest trick is to make us believe he doesn't exist! 

All of this, deep down inside you, you know. So listen to yourself and act consciously and with determination. Awakening and change can only come from within   you!


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°107 - Spring 2022)

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