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Universe Spiral N°110



"  I do not have the strength, small individual that I am, to oppose the enormous totalitarian machine of lies, but I can at least make sure that I am not a point passage of lies.»



Of beauty and freedom


“ How much truth can a mind endure, how much can it risk, is the only criterion of values”, wrote Nietzsche. 

Imagine for a moment that the sociopathic elites and corporations that decide behind the scenes on major public health, safety, environmental and child protection directives have long been guilty of acts of genocide and sacrifices to Satan. ? Imagine this being “reality”, this truth coming out into the open, could you then accept such an “overdose of truth”? Or, would you succumb to hearing this truth in too harsh a light?

"Art is given to us to prevent us from dying of the truth", said Nietzsche again. The problem is that today true art is dead, and with it, the quest for beauty. Suddenly, because of this absence of the beautiful, we could die of an unbearable truth, and the truth that arrives will be unbearable, and that is an understatement. It is therefore a question of saving beauty, or rather of finding it, of restoring it. 

Just what is beauty? 

It is the expression of an ideal to which one sacrifices one's life, one's pride, one's pride. Creating beauty consists in aestheticizing an ideal, that is to say in making it perceptible. The problem is that there is no longer an ideal. There are only miserable, harmful, harmful, destructive dogmas left… 

This is what the ultra-bestiality of the sociopathic oligarchs is aiming for: to kill any ideal, except the ideal of chaos democratically consented to by the masses. Killing the Deep State   could be the ultimate ideal, the “last crusade” of freedom working for true harmony. 

Because there is also the false harmony of an even more false health security, promoted by “false prophets” gloating about freedom to the point of forgetting their condition as ontological slaves. These people only feel good if they are slaves, chained, enslaved in a thousand ways in an infernal womb. Their slave soul makes them absolutely hate any desire for freedom. 

“Bondage or death,” they shout in disbelief, threatening with rage the men and women who want to remain free. For them, absolute slavery is justified for absolute security, which itself is the absolute condition for absolute happiness, to wonder for a moment about the safety of an experimental "vaccine", which nevertheless reveals itself day after day , dose after dose, terribly harmful, even lethal. These foreclosure straitjackets didn't become slaves, they were "born" slaves. Any animal understands freedom better than all these willing sanitary slaves put together. Will dogs, cats and horses soon be the only ones who can teach us freedom, beauty and nobility? 

When resentment goes haywire, we get hate, when hate goes haywire we get a monster, when the monster goes haywire we get something indescribable and incomprehensible, and when the indescribable and incomprehensible go haywire, we get... the "covidist", an inverted character under the influence who, with common sense and free will, has lost his humanity. 

But there is something higher than the ideal of justice and truth, it is the ideal of beauty. Beauty is what allows us to remember that there is a true harmony possible at the end of freedom, and ugliness allows us to forget it. Beauty is the sublime sign of the possible fulfillment of freedom, which is why the demonic forces that rule this planet are determined to destroy and defile all beauty, all candor, all innocence, and to promote so relentlessly the ugliness, the extreme ugliness of a world of darkness which must die in order to be reborn in the Light. 



(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°110 -  Winter 2022)

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