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Spiral Universe N°94



Conscious Ascension

We are currently being influenced by cosmic waves which are triggering an awakening of consciousness.The spatial dimension is present on Earth but also in our body. Indeed, we are subject to celestial influences without necessarily   knowing it. At the subatomic level, the Earth is continuously bombarded by cosmic rays made up of particles, coming from supernovae among others. However, the muons of supernovae can damage the molecules of our DNA and cause cancers by disturbing the oscillatory field of our cells.


In addition to its electromagnetic damage, the sun emits ultraviolet rays which are responsible for the increase in skin cancers. Less obviously, the sun affects us through the neutrinos in its core. These electron neutrinos bind to electrons in atoms. At night, they enter our body through our feet and exit through our head after crossing the Earth in 1/25 of a second. According to astronomers, in the days following a chromospheric flare, subatomic particles arrive on Earth carried by the solar wind and penetrate the magnetosphere at the height of the poles, causing brilliant auroras and radio blackouts._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Such manifestations, which do not occur with all eruptions, disturb the Earth's magnetosphere, generating geomagnetic storms and inducing overloads on power plants that can lead to the interruption of an entire electrical network.

Solar flares are therefore among the few astronomical phenomena that can directly disturb the Earth's environment. One of the effects of solar winds is to increase the number of electrons in the ionosphere, which affects the speed of atoms. The relationship between the electromagnetic particles is modified and this change influences our consciousness and our vibratory rate. The shift in planetary consciousness seems to be governed by solar and cosmic particles. Like our planet, we are subject to multiple vibrational turbulences. 

Through planetary shifts, variations in electromagnetic forces and solar storms, humanity is currently experiencing a major energetic shift. This necessary chaos must make it possible to reshape our reality. It points us to new avenues to find the information, understanding and confidence needed to perform the task before us. 

This task consists in reacting according to the new paradigm, that is to say ordering and emitting intentions and reclaiming our original vibrational frequency. Since Conscious Ascension is not a state but a vibrational rate, adjustments are necessary before we can maintain a constant frequency.

Conscious Ascension is a modification of the vibratory rate of the body cells which begin to vibrate at the frequency of the essence of being and of self-love. The whole body begins to vibrate, which allows him to change the world. We will be able to have access to parallel worlds without losing contact with our current world. In quantum physics, the existence of parallel worlds that exist simultaneously and vibrate at different frequencies has been demonstrated. 

Conscious Ascension is thus an expanded perspective of our current reality. It is an acceleration towards a multidimensional life which will involve a change in our current biology and will allow us to have access to all our incarnations which vibrate at the frequency of our Essence.

Conscious Ascension allows you to tune into several frequencies and access other dimensions than the current terrestrial dimensions. We will not leave here leaving everything behind us, but we will have access at will to the various worlds that coexist with our own. Some may have already begun to experience this phenomenon. They wake up in the middle of the night and are no longer in their room, nor in this world. Some days we will look younger and other days we won't see any difference.

In fact, the more we identify with our Essence, the lighter we will become. Our bodies will increasingly bear the signature of our Essence.  Gradually, we will see ourselves as the vehicle of our Essence and we will revere it as the physical manifestation of our core frequency. By vibrating this frequency within us through the power of intention, we will experience a deep purity that will allow our body to shift frequency and align with our own. The more we maintain this frequency, the more our experiences of Self-Love and Conscious Ascension will multiply. We will understand that the disease comes from a vibratory gap, that our body, with its high percentage of emptiness (±70%), is only the support-receiver of this vibration. 


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