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Spiral Universe N° 73

The editorial

transition shock


A secret report, commissioned in 2004 by the US administration under George W. Bush, and revealed by the Observer, warned that major European cities will be swallowed up by rising sea levels and that Britain will be plunged into a Siberian cold by 2020. Nuclear conflict, monster droughts, famine and vast riots will break out all over the world…

The document predicted that sudden climate change could bring the planet to the brink of general anarchy as countries deploy their nuclear arsenals to defend or procure the food, water and energy resources decrease. The threat to global stability will largely eclipse the terrorist threat. “Life will be characterized by continual conflict and disruption, again war will dominate the lives of men,” the Pentagon analysis concluded.

This report is taken up today by a number of experts, evoking the next climate changes, which will make life impossible in certain areas of the globe, even if we do not know exactly where they are located. It is a fact that all ocean currents are slowing down, and that the Gulf Stream circulation is about to stop in the Atlantic Ocean. The last time this event occurred, the area occupied by New York City was rendered uninhabitable…covered by more than 1,500 meters of ice! The slowdown had caused, around the year 1300, exactly the same consequences as today: a disturbed weather where all that is hot becomes cold, and all that is dry, wet. Huge storms then swept the entire northern hemisphere. In 1400, the West went through a period when for 47 years there was no rain. All the rivers, all the lakes, and all the trees burned to the ground. And this was the cause of the departure of the Anasazi, ancestors of the Hopis of Arizona who could no longer live in these extreme conditions.

Experts think the same scenario could happen again: there will probably be repeated storms, a climate where winter will be permanent; forcing residents to flee certain parts of the world. It is this kind of “migration scenario” that the Pentagon fears the most, with the consequence of the collapse of the world economic system. The food fight for survival will become one of the major challenges. Men will no longer be able to cultivate vegetables or cereals, because the seasons will no longer have a beginning or an end... It will then be necessary to learn to live without food and without water, and to know how to draw essential nutrients from prâna and air particles...

According to Drunvalo Melchizedeck, a lecturer and shaman living in Sedona, Arizona, “Mother Earth is in charge of changing the world and is now in control. Everything is already in place. It is up to us simply to put ourselves at his service, conscious of being in tune with the new vibrational frequency. And the time will come when sitting in a restaurant or watching TV will be a thing of the past…”

During this period of chaos, it is essential that the “Lightworkers” are not in fear and think that “it is all over”! What we are going to experience is only the beginning... "When everything starts to fall apart, go home and draw the curtains so that you don't get caught up in the madness. And there, stay in your heart. Let Mother Earth and all the energies of which you are a part do the work and keep trusting,” advise the Taos Indians.

In appearance, there is obviously cause for concern, but not if we are aware that we are immortal beings. Remember that we live in a period of transition which always involves an element of chaos. But this is only an apprearance. Also, “do not be afraid and be in the presence of God,” says Don Alejandro Oxlaj, Elder of the Mayan Grand Council. The path is already traced within us and is inscribed in our DNA.

As recommended by the Amerindian peoples of Tradition - some of whom will be present at the International Peace Festival in Foulain from September 18 to 23 (see last page) - try to remember the ancient art of living of humanity and refocus on the sacred space of the Heart. Imagine that you are sitting down, as if to attend the screening of a film where nothing and no one can disturb you. And remember that Mother Earth knows those who will form the future spiritual Heart. The best image of this Heart is that of the lotus. If you succeed in finding this sacred space within yourself, Mother Earth will take full care of you, she will protect you and provide you with everything you need. Even if everything outside has gone crazy, you will experience a real moment of grace.



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