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Healthy in body and mind

On the path to mindfulness and healing


Preface by Professor Bernard HERZOG

(Editions Le Mercure Dauphinois)


"A man is strong when his mind and his heart are in harmony", says an Indian proverb.

At a time when we willingly discharge ourselves of all responsibility in the face of illness and when we blame the environment, stress, doctors, hospitals and... the other, perhaps it is not It is worth recalling that man is "king in his kingdom" and that health is a state of natural balance that everyone can access.

At the origin of the disease, there is always an imbalance in the depths of the being, a rupture with the creative Source. Also, the key to any cure consists in opening oneself to this silent Intelligence present in each being and which asks only to manifest itself. By naturally letting this force act, the true therapist allows those who have come to seek help to rediscover their cosmic connection through the awakening of consciousness.

Based on the primordial knowledge transmitted by millennial traditions, but also on the recent discoveries of science extended to vibrational fields, this other way of thinking affirms the primacy of the spirit over matter, of vibrational information over molecular approach.

In these times of change and rebirth in a new cycle, it is essential to be able to have “keys” allowing us to find our own light, freely and without constraint. This quest for healing encourages us to seek full consciousness in the wisdom of the elders, the indestructible foundation of the true humanity that is being born.


The author : Marc J. Pantalacci is an acupuncturist, member of the National Superior Council of Traditional Acupuncture (CSNAT) and administrator of the Center for Research and Study in Traditional Acupuncture (CCREAT). Holder of the Higher National Diploma of Acupunctural Medicine and the National Diploma of Traditional Acupuncturist, he also holds a university degree in gerontology. He created, in January 1996, under the aegis of the association AETHER, the journal " Univers SPIRALE " which he directs with a team of volunteer researchers , outside of any political, philosophical or religious affiliation. Author and lecturer, he leads seminars in a global approach to health and awareness.


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