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Spiral Universe N°97


Reality  of the photonic field​

Most of us are conditionedby our culture and our training - school, extracurricular and media - to consider that our body functions as a container full of water and chemical substances which react and self-organize according to the influences of the environment. Emotions and thoughts are also the result of these chemical reactions, through hormones. 

Although the scientific discoveries on this subject bring us interesting elements, they remain interpreted within a limited framework where the body and the spirit are reduced to a set of molecules, therefore of material substance, which meet and are transformed. Yet even within the framework of classical physics, physicists have long known that life is both wave and particle-like, and that molecules are made up of moving electrical particles, which, according to the classical laws of electromagnetism, emit fields. 

To understand our body and our development, it is necessary to take these fields into account. This was done by a line of mainly German and Russian researchers (Gurwitsch, Kaznacheev, Gariaev, Inaba, Popp, and others) who demonstrated the existence of a photonic field - light - which bathes the body of living organisms (*). They also determined that this field carries information distributed to all cells. 

Indeed, to develop in a controlled and non-anarchic way, the cells must receive instructions. Thus, during the process of embryo growth in the uterus, the first cells resulting from fertilization multiply, and then they differentiate into skin, eye, bone or heart cells. So how do they know which organ or tissue they belong to? How are they notified that it is time to stop multiplying when the organ is fully formed? How are they synchronized, coordinated with the other cells?

The answer lies in the photonic field which carries the instructions that must be delivered to the cells. The transmission is immediate and simultaneous for all the cells concerned, because the field has the property of being a hologram.

Russian researcher Peter Gariaev has shown that the genetic code of organisms is not located on the DNA molecule in its physical aspect. The codes are inscribed in the electromagnetic field which surrounds it and which is in close association with the molecule.   He demonstrated this by carrying out the mind-blowing experiment of reading the electromagnetic genetic code of a frog's egg with a special laser beam and transmitting it to another egg, that of a salamander. Salamander eggs gave birth to frogs!

Although this type of result raises questions about the use that can be made of this technology, it clearly demonstrates that in living organisms, and in humans in particular, the guiding codes for their development and functioning are registered in the electromagnetic fields associated with DNA. These codes are conveyed by the global biophotonic field of the organism. 

Another scientific proof of the reality of these fields is provided by the experiments of Professor Luc Montagnier on DNA. At the time of DNA synthesis in cells, the elementary pieces of DNA, the nitrogenous bases, assemble one after the other according to a precise plan. It happens in the following way: in the DNA molecule, made of 2 strands wound in a helix around each other, the two strands separate, and each of them becomes the mold for the assembly of another strand.

Luc Montagnier showed that there is another way to guide assembly without going through the mould. Synthesis can be driven by an electromagnetic information field, which is specific to the DNA in question. In his new experiments on information fields, he found that cells and viruses could under certain conditions emit electromagnetic signals. This was already concluded before him by Jacques Benveniste, whose work he took over and improved.

With his team, Luc Montagnier measured and recorded the electromagnetic signals emitted by the DNA of bacterial cells or viruses in solution. The results showed that the signals are present for high dilutions of DNA molecules in water. Then he transferred the DNA signal to a second tube placed next to the first. If in the second tube, he previously added the DNA constituents according to an adequate protocol, DNA molecules were reconstituted after a few hours, reproducing 98% of the initial DNA.

In this experiment, the DNA assembly plan was provided by its electromagnetic signature, without using a molecular mold. Despite the absence of a mould, the chemical reactions did not happen randomly. They were driven by electromagnetic codes. What is valid for DNA could also be at work in other chemical reactions guided by coded information inscribed in information fields, thus shedding new light on the appearance of life on Earth.


(*) A photon is an electromagnetic wave particle, for example a light particle.


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