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Spiral Universe N°92


The space infinity of the Eternal present


Genes have long been thought to cause diseaseand that we were at the mercy of our DNA.  Today we know, thanks to epigenetics, that it is not the genes that create disease, but the environment - external but also internal - which programs our genes. 

When we react to an outer situation producing an emotion, the inner consequence is that we chemically signal our genes to turn on or off. It is not the genes that change physically but their expression.   Thus by modifying our emotions, we can transform the expression of our genes, activating some and deactivating others. By sending a new chemical signal to our DNA, it can then instruct our genes to make different proteins by up-regulating or down-regulating, creating all kinds of components that can alter the structure and functioning of the body. It is this which affects our health and our life and which will cause a genetically predisposed person to develop a pathology.

The psycho-emotional loop produces a measurable electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body. It should be known that our body emits and receives light, energy or frequencies carrying messages, information or specific intentions. When we think, neural networks activate in the brain, releasing electrical charges. Our thoughts also cause a chemical reaction that generates emotions. These feelings create magnetic charges, which merge with the thoughts producing a specific electromagnetic field corresponding to our state of being.

In reality, emotions are energies in motion. Who has not felt the energy of an angry person because it emits a strong energy signal, carrying specific information. The same goes for a person radiating calm, loving energy. Thus emotions produce different frequencies: those conveying a clear intention and a high level of energy that reflect creative feelings and those associated with stressful emotions such as fear, anger or frustration.

If we create the past, day after day, having the same thoughts and emotions, we constantly emit the same electromagnetic field and send the same message carrying the same energy. This means that the same past energy continues to carry the same information which, in turn, continues to create the same future.  Our energy then remains identical to that of the past.

The only way to change our life is therefore to change energy, to modify the electromagnetic field that we constantly emit. In other words, to transform our inner state, we must modify our thoughts and our feelings. Because where our attention goes, our energy also goes. So when our attention turns to a known emotion, our attention and our energy find themselves in the past.

If this familiar emotion is associated with a memory of a person or object at a specific place and time, our attention and energy are, again, in the past. Therefore we divert our energy from the present moment to send it into the past. All of our energy is totally absorbed by these known experiences in this specific timeline. Our energy reinforces the same situation and our body follows the direction imposed by our mind which will lead us to experience the same events in the same reality.

By overcoming our automatic thoughts, emotions and habits, we go beyond our body, our environment and time, thus weakening the energetic links with our past. And our energy no longer leaves us to fuel a known past and a foreseeable future, because we no longer activate the same neural connections, no longer send the same signals to the same genes, no longer feel the same hormone-dependent stress emotions. .

By finding the infinite space of the Eternal Now Moment, this unitary quantum field of the Ultimate, we are truly co-creators of our life, disposing of all our energy to access new possibilities and fully manifest our potential in harmony. with the others.


(All rights reserved © Univers-Spirale N°92 – SUMMER 2018)

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