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Uni-towards the emergence of a New Earth


AETHER Editions


On 12 January 1996, a group of independent researchers, doctors, therapists and scientists founded, under the aegis of the association AETHER, the journal of study and researchSPIRAL Universe. Its goal: to create a “ pont ” between Science – expanded beyond the five senses – and Tradition through the path of consciousness.
To mark this 20th anniversary, this book brings together most of the editorials by Marc J. PANTALACCI, editor-in-chief of the journal, published between 1996 and 2015, fractale du Time from one millennium to another, announcing the advent of a new era of consciousness anchored in the spiral of the Universe.
Driven by the " Dynamics of Conscious Man ", the magazine has woven with its readers, over time, a real framework, calling on everyone to live the emergence of a " New Earth ", in vibrational resonance with its " inner being" and the cosmic Intelligence.
Faced with the upheavals of a world in transition, plunged into the chaos of " Œuvre au Noir ", it is thus proposed to access other dimensions – infinite and luminous – integral parts of a unified Universe where everything is interconnected, from the spiral of DNA to the clusters of galaxies.
This double mission, of information and awakening of conscience,
SPIRAL Universeintends to pursue it, strong in the confidence of its readers, the only guarantors of its independence and freedom. Because there is no freedom without conscience. No more than there is consciousness without Knowledge. A Knowledge which is not a " savoir ", but the fruit of a Quest, undertaken on the path of its own evolution, at the service of the only intelligence that triumphs over Light: that of the Heart.


The author : Marc J. Pantalacci founded, on 12 January 1996, under the aegis of the association AETHER, the magazine "Univers SPIRALE" which he directs with a team of independent researchers, outside of any political, philosophical or religious affiliation. Graduated in Acupunctural Medicine and member of the National Superior Council of Traditional Acupuncture (CSNAT), he is the author of the book " Saint (t) de corps et d'esprit_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_” (Editions le Mercure Dauphinois 2014). He leads seminars on a global approach to health and awareness raising.

The book is distributed exclusively by Editions AETHER.

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