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Artificial Intelligence is infiltrating everywhere!

Most public discussions about AIrevolve around positive narratives; we are supposed to be convinced of the many great advances that AI technology will bring. Among these “benefits” are transhumanist health modifications, computer implants in the body or brain, and even nanobots that may one day be advanced enough to modify even our cells. In other words, to benefit from AI, we need to become less human and more machine.

Other supposed 'benefits' require a vast array of new systems (some of which are being built) that would allow algorithms to monitor every facet of our lives. Globalists often refer to these systems as the "internet of things." Every device you own, the car you drive, every computer, every cell phone, every security camera, every red light, everything would be centralized in a single AI network within a city, and every city would be connected into a large spider web at a national AI database. 

The Internet of Things is regularly mentioned in connection with climate change governance and carbon restrictions. The goal is clear: governments and business "elites" want to be able to monitor every watt of energy you use every day. This kind of full-spectrum information makes it easier to dictate our decisions and our access to goods and services. They would have complete control over anyone living in these “smart cities”. Your entire life, every second, would be watched and scrutinized... 

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Vati-Satan” opens its doors to virtual reality  

Singular paradox that this catholic church adopting virtual reality denounced as one of the incarnations of the Antichrist... After the quest by bank card and the contactless font, Rome is about to embark on the Metaverse and the world of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), THE reference for the new “Temple merchants” of virtual art.

If the virtual reality carried by the Metavers is far from unanimous among the   faithful, the idea of attending a Sunday religious service using a VR headset has, in On the other hand, convinced the sovereign pontiff, a great follower of globalization, for whom generalized vaccination is an "act of love"!

The Vatican could also list its NFTs on an online marketplace, for them to be bought/sold. “The nature of this project for Humanity 2.0. is "exclusively social and non-commercial"... Also, NFTs here do not have to be from works of art, but can include tickets and other objects"...

During the Covid-19 crisis in particular, virtual churches have increased tenfold, allowing priests to carry out baptisms that are also... virtual. Other parishioners envision virtual worship services where congregants could be guided through spiritual locations by the avatar of a priest, while listening to animated religious texts and even watching worship events unfold before their eyes...

Is it necessary that the digital revolution, web 3.0, apply to religion as it applies to industry or entertainment? 

Interviewed by the siteUrbi and orbi, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, denounces Pope Francis as being like a “zealous cooperator of Klaus Schwab and the families of international finance”. The World Economic Forum's “Great Reset”,  the United Nations' Agenda 2030, are the blueprint for the New World Order, in which a universal republic enslaves everyone and a religion of the humanity nullifies faith in Christ...”

“The enslavement of the Holy See and all its peripheral entities to the pandemic narrative, is thepretium sanguinis of an outrageous betrayal, which sees the ecclesiastical hierarchy — with few exceptions — completely integral to the globalist project of the "elite", and not only on health but also and especially on what concerns the Great Reset and all the ideological structure on which it rests. To do this, the hierarchy had to apostatize the doctrine, deny Christ and dishonor His Church "...cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

(… the rest of the article in Univers SPIRAL N°110)

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