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The Selection (continuation and end)

Release planetary

The basics underground du Group "Cleaned" Chimeras

The Forces of Lightehave made significant progress in eliminating the Chimera group. They “cleared” all the underground areas where he was, except for the main area under the military base in Urim (Israel). Twelve members of the Chimera main military command (the last members of the Orion sub-faction of the Chimeras) live in this pit and control the surface population's network of biochips and implants through a physical/etheric quantum supercomputer.

According to the Pleiadian "contactee" Cobra, "The Light forces have begun the operation of clearing biochips and implants from the surface population at full power, implementing advanced Quantum Cannon technologiesMjolnir.This operation will take some time, but will have a very beneficial effect on the deprogramming of the surface population, and upon completion, a massive spiritual awakening of the population is expected.

Mjolnir technologies are also used to clear micro black holes from the auric fields, etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies of surface humanity. These micro black holes were introduced into human auric fields using exotic dark technologies during traumatic dissociation events, and are one of the main elements of the dark matrix of the past 25,000 years. These micro black holes, along with the larger implant black holes, warp non-physical spacetime around surface humans in alignment with the Kerr metric (which defines the rotation of black holes).

There would remain today, approximately 300 underground bases belonging to the surface Illuminati. Unfortunately, some of these bases still contain captive Pleiadian hostages. There are still some very powerful members of the Chimera group in human clones, belonging to the Andromeda sub-faction, infiltrated into the system on the surface of the planet.

The plan of the Cabal superiors is now to destroy:

• supply chains,

• the surface civilization with a world war then move underground to resist the collapse and the solar flash which will follow. 

After the "purge", they plan to repopulate the surface according to their "reset" world. But their plan has several major flaws and is thus doomed to failure...

(… the rest of the article in Univers SPIRAL N°110)

Climate and cosmic rays 

“We are entering a cold phase!”

Considering the correlation between cosmic ray flux and climate,studies show that we are entering a phase of terrestrial cooling ... not WARMING, as prophesied by the IPCC and the eco-leftists, according to the totalitarian agenda of the Davos globalists! 

Galactic cosmic rays (CR) are a mixture of high-energy photons and subatomic particles, accelerated towards Earth by supernova explosions and other violent events in the cosmos; solar cosmic rays are indeed the same, but their source is the Sun. and Earth to Sky Calculus students have launched cosmic-ray balloons almost every week since March 2015, before the Covid "pandemic" took hold.

The results published by the team reveal that atmospheric radiation peaked, just as solar activity reached a new minimum: the correlation is clear, added with additional indirect data, revealing that this has been the case for time immemorial. 

During solar minima, the low point of the 11-year solar cycle, the Sun's magnetic field weakens and the outward solar wind pressure decreases. This allows more cosmic rays to enter the inner solar system, including our planet's atmosphere.. 

The collapse of the Beta Timeline in August 2019 pushed society into a trajectory of slow collapse, which the World Economic Forum is trying to exploit in its "Great Reset" plans. They treat the surface society as a thermodynamic system in which a selected small part of the system (them) decreases its entropy (disorder) at the expense of the whole system (humanity) for which the sum of the entropies increases. They treat surface human society as a " heat pump". But their incomplete understanding of thermodynamics will lead them to their doom, and their reset plans will NOT be successful. They are now setting the "target date" for their collapse/reset at 2030, which will be far too late... They are artificially trying to disrupt supply chains to hasten the collapse. They are trying to organize a conventional war between East and West by polarizing Russia and China against the United States in their planned war, nuclear weapons would NOT be used"...

(… the rest of the article in Univers SPIRAL N°110)

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