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Special issue N°27

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The Special Edition N°25  can be ordered, excluding subscription,

by enclosing a check for 20 €

(15 € + 5 € shipping costs)

at the command of :

AETHER Editions

2, Chemin des Boudons 

06470 Villeneuve d'Entraunes



-  Editorial 

   An infernal virus

 - Mass hypnosis


      - “Channeling” consciences is the key!

 - The rape of conscience

 - Social engineering and “invisible” government 

 - The “Covidian Sect”

   Nouvelle normalité idéologique       _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

 - Digital Identity Wallet

    A totalitarian nightmare 

-  Conditioning and dehumanization

    “Gaps” in the human mind

-The ten strategies of mass manipulation


    War declared on humanity

Talk and read... in the head from a distance!


    A world where everything is only virtual

-Emotional and demonic grip

    The occult forces at work

-Trauma and split personality

   The “hard core” of a child criminal elite


  MK-ULTRA: a large-scale program!

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