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Spiral Universe N°95



Change consciousness and listen​

Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions... Are all these disasters that strike the Earth really “accidents” due to chance? The validation of this hypothesis only creates or reinforces fear, by suggesting that no protection is effective, no salvation is possible! And if these earthly upheavals were only the logical consequence of deep causes prophesied for a very long time by the Peoples of the Earth?


At issue is our way of thinking in terms of opposition, competition, struggle, conquest and division. There is a direct link between the way we think and the energy balance and health of the earth. Our thought acts like electrical energy stored in sorts of accumulators (egregores) which influence the state of the Earth and of men through a web. It has thus been demonstrated that the cumulative thoughts/emotions of an entire community are capable of influencing the calculations of computers dedicated to this detection. 

When the Amerindians announce that the Earth must free itself from accumulated pollution, they add that if chemical pollution is a major scourge, there is one even greater: the aggressiveness of human beings. The engine of this aggressive behavior is to dispossess the other in order to possess oneself. The basic anxiety of losing is devastating. It is based on the baseless belief that we are separate from each other, separate from nature. We believe that destroying others, killing animals, degrading nature, will have no negative consequences for oneself. 

Big mistake! To be convinced of this, it suffices to observe the state of the world, running behind its old chimeras. And school education is not the last to implant this erroneous belief, highlighting the “virtues” of learning to compete and struggle to “succeed in life”...

If our dominant thoughts are made up of negative feelings and ideas of war, and if these negative energies have accumulated over generations, these egregores have become real poisons, poisons for the individual, for humanity, and for the Earth.

This mental pollution, with our spirit of division, our conformist and arrogant thoughts, our negative emotions, results in all-out violence, resentment and revenge. An aggressiveness that manifests itself in all areas and at all levels, from struggles between nations to social and family conflicts. Backdrop of all the annealed resentments, particularly those carried by the anonymity of social networks - a veritable dump in the open air - it authorizes all audacity to ignorant and uneducated people who use it as a disgust of hatred and of dishumanity. 


But we can attenuate - even eliminate - this web of destruction by adopting a behavior of benevolence and understanding towards other humans, by realizing that we are all interdependent, that we are all connected, with all other beings. living things and the Earth itself. If we fully feel the power of this bond, the solution is obvious: we can change the way we think and live. 

This is what the “native” peoples have always known and affirmed in their great wisdom. They have always felt in union with nature, they know how to listen to it, respect it, understand it. They ask the tree for permission before cutting it down. If they want to build a building, they ask the earth where they can do it without harming it and for the greater good of all. And if it doesn't want to, they don't build it.

To change one's consciousness is first to learn to listen. Listen to nature, respect the soil, water, atmosphere, animals and plants; perceive how she suffers, but also how she responds to our benevolence; communicate with her as with a friend… She is like a mother but also like a child who needs care. 

So are we ready to transform our own feelings of lack, dependency and resentment? Are we ready to invent a new world of beauty, harmony, solidarity, abundance, creativity but also humility? Are we finally ready to allow world peace?

To make peace is first to make peace in oneself, to unify with others and with the Earth, not to give in to fear, to live in consciousness, fully Present. We are all cells of the same body and yet different. let us work to build a world without territorial, economic or social struggles, respectful of life in all its forms. To act in our daily life with thoughts of understanding and love is to contribute harmoniously to the great cleansing of the Earth and to the emergence of this new consciousness of humanity, totally connected to the Great Cosmic Unitary Plan._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°95 - Spring 2019)

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