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Universe Spiral N° 83

The editorial

"The Eye of the Soul"

The Chaldean astronomers obtained their information by using their intuitive faculties, that is to say the power of the mind to pierce the heart of facts. At first, they relied completely on their intuition, then they came up with all sorts of theories. They considered the use of intuition to be an integral part of their history. She has always been available. Its influence is still felt today.

If we want to use it, we just have to merge with it. It is the "eye of the soul" of which the mystics speak. It has allowed, and will still allow, men to consult the memory of Akasha, the astral light, the aether, which retains the memory of all human events, actions, thoughts and feelings since the beginning of time. We can thus perceive events from a distance or predict the future at the speed of light (300,000 km/s). This ability sometimes manifests itself during an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Coming events cast their shadows before them. Every event occurs first in the higher dimensions; it is then reflected on earth. It works in the Devachan period between consciousness and form (*). These are the two faces of the gargoyle at the door of the Temple. On the one hand, the limitation, the illusion in the temple - the being of Man; on the other, the realm of the Spirit - freedom and the power of Enlightenment.

“The gift belongs to the giver and always comes back to him, whether good or bad. What you give, you receive,” says the Sage. Some rishis in India have the ability to foresee a future event. If it is a negative event, another group immediately stops it from happening. In the past, the Hebrews held this power and thus stopped many wars. Today, many people use the same method to prevent accidents and many people never have one.

Baidt T. Splading worked with a circle of more than seven hundred people in the United States who worked precisely for this purpose; during the three and a half years that their collaboration lasted, never a single accident occurred. According to the author of The Life of the Masters, "individuals who are not inspired by God believe, wrongly, that a prophecy can only come true and that, if an event should happen, nothing can prevent it from happening. occur. »

If there are prophecies, they will fail, the scriptures claim. The prophecy comes mainly from the mental structure established and which surrounds the immediate surroundings of the Earth. It is the projection of the limited thought of the human being. The faculty of perception directed towards this field can locate the tendency of a certain mental wave and seize its outcome in the material dimension. The law of the universe easily dismisses objections that accumulate in the minds of individuals or peoples. It is accomplished as easily as light dissipates shadows. The sun chases away the night, a single candle will banish darkness from a room; for light, however small, has unlimited power over surrounding darkness, however great. The Scriptures warn us against pseudo-prophets who distract men from God. True prophecies come from individuals who keep their precognitive sense directed to the spiritual dimension, until they catch the trend of Universal Law. The single enlightened thought of an individual can destroy any denial, limitation or false prophecy around him, for they are only vague shadows that have no power. Reject predictions that announce cataclysms and destruction. Observe the realm of the Spirit and they will disappear.

Therefore, why not mobilize all the forces of his being to achieve a positive goal? If we retain this faculty of perception, if we work in the spiritual dimension where everything works in harmony and for the good of each being, a corresponding action can develop in the minds and hearts of all men.

(*) Sanskrit word literally meaning “the domain of the gods”.


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