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Universe Spiral N° 80

The editorial

This Intelligence from elsewhere

The UFO phenomenon and the intelligence that directs it, dates back to time immemorial. Under the term "legends" hide very real realities: the Elohim of the Bible, the "Tongues of fire", the "Flying Shields", the "Clouds" are manifestations of this in the distant past. The medieval rubrics written by religious scholars or the more recent ones relating celestial or terrestrial mysterious facts and, today, all that we include in the paranormal and UFOs, describe, in different terms, the action of one or more life forms different from ours. Forms of life that evolve in another dimension but that rub shoulders with ours. Forms of life coming from the Cosmos, probably different, but linked together by "bridges" that are difficult to understand other than by observation and analysis.

These civilizations that we call “aliens”, “extraterrestrials”, “Higher Intelligence”, or “visitors from space”, do not necessarily need a planet to live. On the other hand, it seems that some need the different energies emanating from human or animal brains and bodies. In this sense, we have proof that they have been living on Earth for a very long time. Maybe they were even there before us? Consequently, they would be both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, which does not prevent them from moving in space as the observations made on Mars or on the hidden side of the Moon seem to indicate to us. When we study the UFO phenomenon and when we experience paranormal phenomena ourselves, we find the same processes of materialization and dematerialization, we record the same content of messages, whether they come from humanoids linked to UFOs or of entities claiming to be “Space Travelers”.

All these messages warn us that we are going to disaster if we do not change the way we manage our civilization. Too many coincidences make us think that we are observed by these different forms of intelligence that we have trouble understanding and who either try to send us messages or use us through a sneaky form of manipulation. Even if these intelligences use the same technological and psychic knowledge far ahead of ours, they do not necessarily come from the same vortex. We know that certain "species" mean us no harm, on the contrary. They tried and they still try to alert us to the dangers of our unconsciousness. By manufacturing thermonuclear, chemical, bacteriological weapons, by polluting our environment, by tinkering with our genes, they warn us that we are running towards the extinction of our civilization. When we became capable of destroying ourselves, destroying all life on Earth, and upsetting the balance of the solar system, they had to react.

Faced with this observation, a question keeps coming up: what are they waiting for to intervene directly in our affairs? For Bernard Bidault, there are two reasons for this:

- The first is that there seem to exist in the Universe Laws applicable to all intelligent life, including one with which no one could compromise called "Law of Causality". This Law, taught on Earth since the dawn of time by the Mystery Schools, stipulates that an individual is free to do Good or Evil, to think one way or another, etc. But he will necessarily have to assume the consequences, at the individual level as well as at the collective level of the planet.

- The second reason is that if, not respecting our free will, another civilization intervened brutally on Earth, that would annihilate all of a sudden all that we have taken centuries to build. The intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon has long since passed the notion of "extraterrestrials", since it comes from another Space-Time. Perhaps they come from the “Twin Universes”, as the physicist Jean-Pierre Petit suggests. Spaces would not exist as we conceive them. Neither does Time. But men of the material age can only reason from what they know. Our rationality, our morality, our archaic conceptions are so many brakes on our evolution, which is however inscribed in the Great Cosmic Plan where all is Order and Light for all Eternity.


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