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Spiral Universe N° 79

The editorial

The Message from the Sphinx

Currently human beings are totally conditioned by their material needs. They are constrained by aberrant laws which they themselves have elaborated, where only opposing forces appear, waging a merciless war. Reading newspapers, listening to radio and television shows us only uninterrupted conflicts between powers thirsty for wealth and power. Individuals, whatever their nationality, their standard of living and their degree of culture, no longer seem subject to anything other than the power of money, conceived as an absolute reference. They are manipulated by forces they do not understand, blinded by needs whose deep nature they are unaware of, subject to norms which they themselves helped to establish under the so-called liberating standard of sacrosanctity. holy democracy.

The examination of the current situation of the world realizes without ambiguity that the conditions in which men live on planet Earth are the result of their own state of consciousness. “Instead of looking outside of his being for the true causes of his multiple torments, man should humbly learn to know himself, strive to apprehend the characteristics of his triple nature, body-soul-spirit. He would then discover that the real causes are indeed in his own state of consciousness, writes Étienne Guillé. Our welfare mentality has impregnated us so much that we have great difficulty opening our eyes and seeing that the sky is bright, that the path is clear, that the way is open... To continue the path, it is we must destroy what limits us, persist in dissecting and reconstructing from new materials, not from polluted and sterile elements”.

Although it benefits from the forces of light, animating the cosmic-scale vibrational change of the new era, this evolution will not be without difficulties, nor individual efforts, because the established material powers will not easily yield their prerogatives, aggregating, in a final burst, the effects of resistance to the inevitable mutation.

However, there is hope, like an unquenchable glow at the height of the storm. It is clearly illustrated in the messages of the civilizations that preceded us. Sacred texts, alchemical writings, dolmens and menhirs, cathedrals, pyramids and hieroglyphs, ideograms describe this insane hope to us in great detail. This hope is in the heart of man, in his will, in his unknown potential faculties, and above all in his Eternal Love.

To assume the content of this hope, only one solution is possible: to raise the level of consciousness of human beings, accompanying the ascent to the vibratory plane. Only changes in states of consciousness will allow the Soul to do its subtle work of exchange between spirit and body, by drinking from the cosmic source from which all manifested forms come on Earth. . Everyone will then have the possibility of harmonizing their own “vibratory pyramid”, in resonance with their different levels of reality. Levels where not only the general cosmo-telluric structuring interacts, but also the deep identity of the individual, without which there can be no consciousness in the relationship of the human being with the Divine.

The education of children will play a key role. It will also be necessary to change the way of life, food, access to culture, organization of society, relationships between beings (duality man/woman, boss/employee...). This will result in profound changes in medicine, the economy, ethics, social and political life. We will then witness the emergence of new correlations between living beings and the universe.

Such a society may seem totally chimerical. And yet we have compelling evidence that such societies have existed in the past. They have left indelible and eternal traces of their marvelous achievements for the benefit of all human beings, without any discrimination. In these societies, there was no exploitation of man by man, no domination of one human group by another human group. In the “Message of the Sphinx” - To know, to want, to dare, to be silent, to love, to love, to love... - the term "power" did not exist. At most, we can invoke the notion of “power over oneself”. Because the human being, considered as a spiritual entity, is and remains, free on earth.


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