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Chronicle No. 2

Let's not entrust our fate to science

In his Notebook of a biologist, Jean Rostand noted:

"I believed that a scientist was a man who seeks the truth, whereas it is often a man who aims for a place".

Also, can we continue to let anything happen in the name of a science that has lost all consciousness because our era is one of competition and overconsumption in which profit reigns at all levels?

In addition, many scientists pride themselves on a "knowledge", which they are far from possessing. Besides, let's not confuse "knowledge" and "knowledge". The Grandes Ecoles and Academies teach us knowledge, but not simple common sense and even less knowledge, which is a rare and innate gift.

In the current economic dirigisme, it is obvious that the interests of citizens are often opposed to the interests of lobbies. But now, our survival and that of the Earth depends essentially on individual action and reflection. Each of us must make our choice. Either we persist in polluting people and the planet for the sole benefit of a tiny minority of people who own most of the world's wealth, or we admit our mistakes and react quickly. This change depends on each of us and our attitude towards the powers that be.

It is high time to cry out our determination loud and clear and to stop entrusting the problems that concern us to the "experts" when we now know their frequent incompetence and the terrible use that they can make of the rights that we have conceded to them. with lightness.

Resistance to oppression by rulers who ignore our rights is enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and its Preamble points out that "Ignorance, forgetfulness or contempt for human rights are the only causes of public misfortunes and of the corruption of our governments". Many people seem to have forgotten it.

We also demand freedom, but, as George Bernard Shaw said so well: "Freedom means responsibility. That's why most people fear it". So, let's take our destiny into our own hands, let's refuse to give in to the fear of the judgment of others, to the fear skilfully distilled by the powers that claim to "know", when they know very little.

Let's clearly state our opinions and assume our responsibilities, let's not count on our elected officials to do it for us. They have proven for ages that they were incapable of it. We are within our rights, why give up?

If we persist in our blindness and our participation in the genocide of the Earth, the prophecy of an Indian Creek may come true: "When the last tree is felled, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten"

Sylvie SIMON

(All rights reserved ©  SPRING 2006

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