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Universe SPIRAL N°109

"  The real enemy is the mind reduced to the state of a gramophone, and it remains true that we agree, or not, with the record playing at a certain moment .»



A spiritual war


Our divine network has been “hacked” and disabled(at the level of the sacral vertebrae, seat of the Kundalini), thousands of years ago, altering our link with the Source, in order to keep humanity captive to the “Matrix”, in slavery and suffering. Our sacred love has been misguided by Ialdabaoth, the “prince of this world” (Archon), initiator of false light and inversion, seeking domination through the non-recognition of the One._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Thus, along with their Cabal allies (Jesuits, Khazars, Illuminati, “Black Nobility” Families…), the dark forces took control of the human vibrational grids and the earth energy field. Using highly sophisticated scalar technologies, implants (toplet bombs) and entity possession, they maintain the surface population in a state of fear, submission and mass psychosis. 

For the “controllers” of the Negativ Alien Agenda (NAA), it is necessary to ensure that individuals are unable to express free and dissenting points of view. Their Machiavellian plan of totalitarian world governance cannot, however, be implemented without blind and massive obedience, or at least the perception of such submission through mind manipulation techniques and the systematic biometric control of individuals._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

We are living through so many separations and distortions around Covid, the war in Ukraine, the climate “crisis” and now shortages, organized as a prelude to social control. 

Advertising, public relations, propaganda, television, subsidized media, the culture of “influencers”, constitute the first level of social control. These elements serve to present in an omnipresent way, a series of beliefs necessary to blend into the “herd”. They mold the subconscious into submission through repetition, constantly hammering away at what is accepted and expected in material prisons.

The second level is that of official censorship, corporate censorship and cancel culture, all of which aim to silence views outside the doxa. 

The third level, which is emerging before our eyes, involves the use of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and algorithmic surveillance in order to silence you and punish you for expressing an erroneous thought, or even “conspirator”... 

The fourth level is transhumanism, which involves mind-reading technology where individuals can be “profiled” and selected based on their social beliefs, even before they have crystallized those ideas in their own minds (see Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum).

To resist this "Brave New World" is to deviate from the propaganda media and favor true contact with nature, meetings of souls in small groups, making sure to have positive thoughts and high emotions to help to the Victory of Light. It's refusing to follow, like a "zombie", the authoritarian injunctions which have no other purpose than to submit you to the will of the sociopaths of the oligarchy. It is also to join in the global meditations of intentions, in order to create a wave of dissension within the “hive” and to reach the “critical mass” for Divine Intervention and Planetary Liberation by the Forces of Light of the Galactic Confederation. (*) 

Remember that we were born free, came to Earth, in this facet of Time, to rediscover our divinity. Connection to Source, Love, Freedom and Abundance are the primary goals of our evolution on this planet. The experiences inherent in the process of Awakening, however painful, are precisely there to encourage us to manifest, in all consciousness, our Sovereignty. So it is of the utmost importance to go inside oneself to maintain the Light, whatever happens in the external world. 

In this “spiritual warfare”, a lot of news may seem frightening, but in the end, there is no reason to be afraid. After the "Event" - the Compression Breakthrough - the Light Forces will be able to reverse and heal the negative effects of the Covid "vaxxins" in particular. being able to observe, without emotional coloring, the events that we live, brings more Unity than choosing a camp. This Unity, in order not to feed the opposing forces, and which the world needs the most, in this Passage of Vibratory Ascension towards a new dimension of the cosmic Plan. 




(All rights reserved © Univers Spirale N°109 - Autumn 2022)

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